Chris Farrell Membership Review – Is it a Scam?

Chris Farrell Membership

Chris Farrell Membership is an online training program on how you can make money through affiliate marketing. Chris Farrell, who regularly updates it, owns it. He is a British born internet marketer who has been in the game since the 2008. He has been able to stand behind his program for all those years and I have not been able to get any scam reports concerning his product. Therefore, I can say Chris Farrell membership is not scam. In this Chris Farrell Membership review, I will look at how his training suits those who want to establish affiliate-marketing businesses.

What I liked about Chris Farrell Membership

Nice Introductory Training

Chris Farrell Membership

The Chris Farrell Membership is great for those who have just joined the affiliate marketing industry. He assumes that you have never built a website before but you can follow clear instructions with ease. His training includes saves you from creating sales page on social media and spamming all your friends with affiliate links. Through his training, I was able to verify that as a beginner, one could easily buy a domain that can be branded, find a host and build a professional website. In fact, a majority of his beginner lessons focus on buying a domain name, building a website and promoting it. Therefore, the Chris Farrell membership isn’t scam.

Chris Farrell Membership is User Friendly

Chris Farrell Membership review

Joining the Chris’ program is easy compared to many other programs. There is no activation code needed for you to get to the details page. You just give enter you email address on the home page and you will sent to the membership page where you can subscribe to their services. The homepage has a sales video though, which is typical of thin content affiliate programs. I know that a video makes it easy to get to your clients but having just informative written content about what one should do is better. That way, as users, we do not have to wait for 10 minutes to hear what we wanted. That doesn’t make the Chris Farrell membership scam, but it isn’t not a plus either.

Chris Farrell Membership Stuff I Didn’t Like

Extra Costs

I didn’t like the fact that his training right from the start, is geared towards making you buy additional products. For example, he recommends that you use email marketing to get hold of your clients. That is great but I also realize that this technique required use of auto responders to make the program effective. Now, that is great but he recommends that you invest in a premium auto responder, which is an extra expense that adds no immediate value to the products you are focusing on.

I would have expected that the training could have concentrated in getting users to market products with minimal overhead costs. Affiliate marketing works best when you offer quality content and products. That is what will keep your business going as more people join in this lucrative industry. Users can easily mark your domain as spam and that could spell disaster if your domain. Therefore, I believe that use of tools such as auto responders should be brought in as additional, not basics. Not when you are just starting and you need to cultivate trust in the few customers you will have netted.

Weak Support Program

Chris Farrell Membership scam

I have come to appreciate the as a beginner in affiliate marketing you cannot do without solid support of users from all levels. That is because there problems that need to be addressed urgently by someone who has gone through them. They could something to do with website plugging, products that have disappointed users, or security updates. These issues can make or break your affiliate business if not handles on time. When you join Chris Farrell Membership, you realise that the user support forum is not as vibrant as other successful affiliate support forums. To me, that is a deal breaker, even though it doesn’t make the Chris Farrell membership scam.

Their Up-sells

The training offered at Chris Farrell Membership will take you about four months to finish if you spend an hour and half each day going through it. In less than four months, you will have done everything that he says you should do. However, before the four months are over, you will already be getting requests to buy the “Mentor Me Program,” Which costs $997. I would have expected that I was paying my initial subscription was so that I could be mentored through the tutorials. However, that is not the case, and I just have to spend a lot more to get something that was omitted from the initial training!

Cost Overview of their Membership Program

Chris Farrell Membership

I paid $1 to get a test run of the Chris Farrell Membership for 7 days. After that, one has to accept a monthly subscription fee $37 to continue being a member of the Chris Farrell Membership. You will pay an additional $15 to get your domain. That is within the acceptable range for a domain name that will also serve as your online brand name. Once you pay the $37 and finish the tutorial, you will start to get a push to buy the main program called the “Mentor Me Program,” at a cost of $997. As I pointed out earlier, I prefer that they should have given it as an option earlier on. Revealing it later after the initial subscription feels like a con. Especially when you realise it costs twice the standard annual fee of the program.

Summary of The Chris Farrell Membership Vs Wealthy Affiliate Program


Chris Farrell Membership review

The Chris Farrell membership is not that bad because it does offer insight and some tools that one needs to succeed in affiliate marketing. However, it has it shortcomings that cannot be overlooked. One of them includes it advanced program that has been obviously hidden from majority of users by virtue of its buying price of $997. However, I can’t equate it to what I get from advanced affiliate programs such as Wealthy Affiliate. I can comfortably conclude that even though Chris Farrell membership scam is not scam, but it is not the best either.

Chris Farrell Membership review

A Membership at Wealthy Affiliate will give you the following among other benefits:

  • You get no up-sells; all you just pay reasonably priced fees.
  • It is free to join.
  • You get a personal coach without paying $997!
  • They have a systematic tutorial.
  • There is a 24/7 support team and access to the owners.
  • You get free hosting.
  • There are free websites.
  • Weekly training videos included in the membership plan

I have shared enough information in this Chris Farrell membership review so you won’t waste your time with them.

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