Clickbank University Review – Is it a Scam or Can it be trusted?

Clickbank University is a program that teaches people product creation and internet marketing. They also include a secondary training where they teach you how to sell other people’s products and get commissions, or what is popularly known as affiliate marketing. The quality of training they offer is somewhat great and is the best if you need to learn how to create your own product. However, if you need to make a quick start in affiliate marketing, they are not the best in the affiliate marketing industry. Their pricing is also on the higher side, which is understandable considering the hosting services you would need if your product sales skyrocketed. In this Clickbank University review, I look at makes it different from the affiliate programs.

Clear Product Description

Clickbank University is clear on what you are going to get from them. They have a simple interface that makes registration easy and there are no annoying pop-ups that most scam sites have. They also give you the total cost of their program upfront. What they say you are going to pay is what you pay. They however overdo the sale pitch by painting a glorious picture of working from the comfort of your home. I did not expect such a message from them considering they know that internet marketing needs a lot of initial input before one could get a handsome return.

What I loved About Them

clickbank university reviewI liked the way they have put together a decent tutorial on how you can conceive your own product and sell. They explain really well the potential of such an approach to internet marketing. That is a strong point especially if you can build an email listing or better, a great incentive for your affiliates.

I learned about how I can create a product that sells if only I can find a problem and fix it. They offer tips on how to find problems that are easy to fix. They also teach how to get quality traffic and drive it to your site. Overall, if you have time and money, and a solution, you will learn how merchants fit into the affiliate marketing system

What I Didn’t Like As an Affiliate Marketer

clickbank university

Their Pricing

From their sales home page, they do not make it very clear, on what you are going to be getting by paying the $47 monthly. That is total of $564. When you include the premium fee for their full package PLUS $297, it comes to $861. That is a substantial investment if you have not yet started making any money, or you miss to make it at all. Keep in mind you will pay more to use products such as their keyword tool after the initial $1 trial expires.

Hosting and Domain Ownership

Clickbank University do not mention that you are going to get integrated hosting into their platform. That is great news if you intend to use their hosting platform to set up your business. Using their platform you can build an ecommerce sites that allows sells your product, tracks sales from your affiliates, and scales up easily when adding new products. That is however where they silver lining ends. You will realize that the whole coding for the site and makes it hard to move your site to another platform.

Clickbank University do not share information on how you can transfer the domain to another platform. They also do not tell you how you can transfer your site to another hosting platform. Therefore, if your brand became successful and they went under, you could potentially lose business. You would need to invest a lot of money within a short time to transfer your business to another platform. You would need to trust strangers if you have no dedicated IT support system to do so. I prefer to know that I can move my invest anywhere I want and easily proof my ownership as well.

Those issues need to be addressed before you invest years of hard work creating your own product that is tied to their platform. A quick search on the internet will tell you that having am ecommerce site that you have no full control over is simply a bad idea. It may be a million times cheaper to start, but once it succeeds, it will be a million times hurtful to see it go up in smoke. It is also excessively expensive to start when I compare it to other affiliate marketing programs.

Locked Training

clickbank university scamI did not appreciate the fact that I cannot start to train as fast as I can. They lock the videos and training resources so that you can learn at the speed they consider fit for you. That is even after you pay the full $47 monthly subscription. What that means is that you must at least stay with them for three months to learn about their e-commerce model. That is where they train you to create a product and sell it.

Their affiliate program will require you to subscribe for their service for at least two months. Therefore, the minimum you can get away with if you do not like the system is $94 if you take the affiliate-training program. The e-commerce program will cost you at least $141. There is very little you can learn with their money back trial program. When I compare that to what other affiliate programs are giving out, I confidently proclaim that Clickbank University is a raw deal.

Traffic Generation Methods

In internet marketing, I have learnt that it is all about funnelling quality traffic to your site. Whether you are an affiliate or own an e-commerce site, you must get buyer traffic. The best way I know that once can safely do that is through quality content and products. They teach that you can do that through email lists, sales pages, and squeeze pages. They do not recommend paid traffic for beginners. To me, that does not seem like a very good idea considering that people get annoyed easily with sales emails. I prefer to use multiple marketing systems to stay safe.

Affiliate Marketing Program

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Locked Site Building Platform

Their affiliate-marketing program does not come with free site building platform. You need to pay for it and because you will be using their platform to connect with merchants. The tool is locked to their platform. You cannot use other free site-building platform such as WordPress to create and link a site to their platform. That is not something that appeals to me. I need to know that I can use my site to earn from other affiliate programs if I get a better deal elsewhere.

Thin Community Clickbank University

When you join any affiliate program, their community is part of an important selling point. The community helps you as a beginner, intermediate or expert affiliate to tackle upcoming issues on a daily basis. I for example like it when I post issues and get prompt response from other members who have faced a similar issue and resolved it. No when I have to wait for 24 hours, only to get response asking me to clarify my issue further or wait for a response from the technical team. I was therefore disappointed to find that the Clickbank University community was barely active.


Clickbank University Product Summary



I honestly would not recommend that you join Clickbank University. I would not say that Clickbank University is scam, but they are not worth what they are charging either. The best affiliate program so far is Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate offers the following additional features:

  • You get a free 7-day trial that includes the full 10 basic lessons.
  • They offer access to live chat support 24/7.
  • A vibrant community of fellow affiliates that share ideas freely.
  • There are no locked lessons, you get started and learn at your own pace.
  • You can fast track the program and get ahead of competition.

Below are some of the important differences between Wealthy affiliate and Clickbank University you need to be aware of.

Don’t wait, enroll now and to start making money today with Wealthy Affiliate.

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