Banc De Crypto Review- Scam Banc De Crypto Exposed!

Banc De Crypto Review

A Comprehensive Review of Banc de Crypto.

Banc De Crypto at first sight…

Banc de Crypto refers itself to an investment fund instead of a trading platform. That’s a first for crypto-currency, and the world is certainly interested in learning what it has to offer. It claims to manage huge transactions every day and invests in ICO while engaging in both Algo and, manual trading.

There is no evidence relating Banc De Crypto to the defunct “Banc De Binary,” but similar names arouse suspicion.


Banc De Crypto claims to be the first crypto-currency investment fund.  It claims to introduce a new blockchain investment technology with a 30% monthly ROI. Their investment strategy depends on following elements:

  • Manual Trading
  • Algo Trading
  • ICO Participation

Investors are asked to sign up for the official site. They are then instructed to await a call from their respective personal manager. The manager will be responsible for setting up an investment deal after forwarding the terms and conditions.

These terms are based on the investment sum and trading method. The user needs to use their digital signature before transferring funds. They can transfer the amount in three currencies including Bitcoin, US Dollar, and Euro.

As the transfer completes, the deposit is converted to Bitcoins and allocated to different assets. Assigned manager updates about current status, and profit. Users can withdraw their deposit anytime, or increase overall investment.

Client support and reports are forwarded via telegram messenger. However, users can contact the manager online, or by telephone, if wanted.  It sounds nice and warm but should one invest using this platform/fund or not, let’s find out!

How it Stand Out?

On the surface, Banc de Crypto offers great options and security. Its main selling point is Risk management, which consists of:

  • Market Monitoring
  • Latest Updates
  • Investment in Verified ICOs
  • Diverse Portfolio
  • Algo-Trading

Banc de Crypto went to the trouble of creating an ecosystem which doesn’t entertain mediators looking to benefit from profit originally meant for investors. Banc De Crypto uses basic three ways to make a profit.

  • ICO Trading

An abundance of altcoins become a part of crypto space each week through ICOs. The value of these currencies doubles in few weeks of trading. This fund benefits from this opportunity as it goes backs up new altcoins.

  • Manual Trading

A team of agents tune in to the latest market trends and keeps user ahead of everyone else. They rely on tactical knowledge instead of their instincts which leads to profitable outcomes.

  • Algo-Trading

This is an AI based trading which predicts future market trends thanks to big data analysis. It works in pre-set limits which promise secure cryptocurrencies.


Nothing is perfect, but things get grim in the financial market. Banc De Crypto is a new player, but it seems very sophisticated. The official site seems very promising, and that’s the only positive thing. The company has one too many shortfalls, and we are pointing them out.

  • Ownership

It will be safe to say this company popped out of nowhere. There is no information related to the history of Banc De Crypto, its foundation, staff, etc. The site was registered in mid-2017 anonymously. There is no information about the ownership of this site, nor who runs it. This doesn’t boost confidence.

As state on official site, this company has more than 20 experts from around the world who present you best investing opportunities related to your niche and time zone. However, there is no information about these “experts” including no name, education, history, professional background, etc.

  • Bad Information

The site registered on 6th June 2017, it’s not even a year old and boasts a global rank of 10,819,323. Social media sites show otherwise as for a financial service with more than 2,500 investors, and 20 new investors signing up daily, the number of followers, and likes are very low.

Further claims of 10 million trades every day with 8 out of 10 being successful are nothing more than a hoax. According to the official site, Banc De Crypto have 6,000 BTC/18,000,000 USD in an active portfolio with 1690% yield on BTC and 2037% for USD.

Banc De Crypto Review

These numbers are a miracle, but it failed to create a wildfire as their official Facebook Page, and Twitter combined doesn’t have (at least) 1,000 likes or followers.  The company regularly posts on social media, but there is no interaction.

The official site says its next big thing, but Banc De Crypto creates no fuss on social media including no comments, discussions, forms, etc.

  • No Community

While Banc De Crypto lacks impressive followership on social media, however, it does maintain a blog with regular posting. That’s a nice touch given what recent discoveries showed us.

There are new articles published every day. The niche is Bitcoin, current market trends, and future of digital currency.  It’s a nice touch, but the content is inadequate.

To make matters worse, there are only two authors, Solomon Perelman, and Ed Osbourne. Both profiles are fake! Profile pictures are stock images, and bios are generic at best, both of them are a major giveaway.  Every blog post has three comments (literally) posted by the same usernames.

Their efforts go to waste, the company seems to try, but it doesn’t even look professional. Honestly, the team tries to hide, but their execution is inadequate.

  • No Contact Information

Banc De Crypto doesn’t offer any contact information. It says they have staff in United Kingdom, Thailand, Czech, and United States but no further details have been provided.

Banc De Crypto Scam Review

Most of the operations are based in Europe as Operations Managers are in Prague while Fund managers operate in London. But, there is no address, contact information, email or anything else. The official website is all you get; this is less than satisfactory.

Any claim they make has no evidence to back it up. The company says it employs best in business staff including mathematicians, traders, programmers, but it doesn’t provide enough information for someone to check their account on the blockchain.

Fee Structure

Banc De Crypto is very clear about its fee model and stresses there are no hidden charges. The company wouldn’t charge a dime if you made no profit.  It sounds optimistic until you see what they charge once you make a profit.

Banc De Crypto Review Scam

Management fee is 50% for under $10,000. The percentage decreases with higher earnings, but the fee is criminally high. Worse, there is no justification given. The fee structure starts at 50% under 10k; it decreases to 40% at 20k, 30% at 30-450k and 20% at 500k or more.

Our Thoughts

Considering what we discovered, it’s hard to recommend this platform.  There are more shortfalls than expected, and that’s not even the worst part. The lack of contact information and evidence to support claims is almost hilarious.

It doesn’t have any working history, no information is provided about staff or specialists, and the price is unjustifiably high. The company has no real community as the present one is fake. It would be better if there was some customer feedback but the company also lacks for any social media interaction.

It leaves a lot to be desired, but considering the amount of misleading information, it seems clear the company has no regards for clients. Therefore, we suggest you look for other options instead of Banc De Crypto.


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Banc De Crypto Review
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  1. abdul quan

    These people are heartless criminals! they robbed me a total of 106,000euro ! my hard earned money, they made me believe they were real until the day i requested for withdrawal then i stopped hearing from them, they stopped replying my emails and calls. I would have comitted suicide if i did’nt get my money back, thanks to a recovery group ( fundsback @ cyberservices . com ) for helping me recover my funds about 2months ago. Nobody deserves to be treated the inhuman way Banc de binary are treating people! PLS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD DO NOT TRADE WITH BANC DE BINARY

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