Bitcoin Code Review What a Scam

The Bitcoin code claim to be the official cryptocurrency software developed to enhance profitability and boost your trading experience. The platform brags having software that generates highly accurate and profitable trading signals.

The platform claims to have superior algorithms that they use to analyze the market, maintaining speed and efficiency. The Investment claim that the overall result is comfortable for the trading experience and profitable for both new and experienced investors.

Investors use an automated trading robot, but they refer to a trading bot. The alleged bot is designed to enter and exit profitable trades for the traders by using preset trading parameters. The bot generates trading signals and claims the trading is made simple with The Bitcoin Code.

Investors that promise privacy and security of the information as a top priority by the platform. The company claims to have a wide range of privacy regulations and security protocols that protect users. However, the contracts they claim to use are not mentioned and are not know to you.

The minimum deposit you can invest in the company is $250, and this allows you to trade on the company. They do not charge service fee and that you can withdraw your amount at any given time.

However, no banking information is available for you, and this does not guarantee you fund safety with the company. Once you complete your deposit, the alleged trading bot in the app will immediately start trading and analyzing the market, and you’re guaranteed profitable signals.

Bitcoin Code  claims to let each broker thoroughly to ensure the repeatability and that they offer the best services to you. The Bitcoin code brags being a world leader in terms of automated cryptocurrency trading.

The platform allows investors from all parts of the world to leverage bitcoin price volatility and earn passive income daily. Investors are promised that the software does most of the work, and you don’t need to put any effort into the trade.

Investors only required to put a few minutes to work every day, and traders can generate astonishing profits by merely setting their trading plans. Bitcoin Code claims it is the best place for investors who have no experience in the trading world and financial markets.

About Bitcoin Code

The company promise investors to extract maximum profits from the crypto markets direct to their accounts. Bitcoin code software claims a highly accurate analysis rate, with over 99.4%.

No Investment company can generate such kind of accuracy. Hence this proves that it is a dangerous scam that will rob your money.

The platform brags that its ability to generate high accuracy amount is the reason for investors to trust in the platform. But do not be so quick to fall for this catch as you will end up losing your hard-earned income.

The amount of this investment firm claims to have superior technology. The programming language they use is the most advanced in the world. Platform brags having a sophisticated algorithm that allows you to stay ahead of the market buy a time leap of 0.01 second.

The Superior technology enables the platform to beat the competition in the crypto world. Moreover, it enables you to earn passive income. The company claims to know which direction the price of crypto will move even before it makes a move.

The company, however, does not tell you how the software operates to generate massive profits. Bitcoin code claims to have won numerous awards, yet these awards are just made up and do not exist.

company claims to have security to protect your information, but the method used to protect data is not known, and you risk losing personal data. There are better digital currency trading bot in the market that will not scam you.

Bitcoin Code Review, Bitcoin Code Platform

The app also features a manual trading mode and that you can use it to control the trades by yourself, but still, the bot generates profitable signals that you can act on and enjoy the returns. The app is compatible with multiple systems, including iOS and PC.

The company is a scam because the domain name is used by multiple companies claiming to be the real bitcoin code, but all the companies are just scammers targeting you and your money. Automated trading software requires technical indicators to generate trade alerts.

Bitcoin Code Testimonials

pyramid schemes use positive testimonials to try and attract investors into depositing money into the account. The  Bitcoin code features the same characteristics and is a scam company.

The members claim to have benefit from the platform within just short periods. Additionally, they state they have massive return from the company. Scam Review, Bitcoin Code Testimonials

However, these images are just fake people and fake names, and the people do not even have an idea of the existence of the company. It is a major red flag by the company, and you should avoid this company at all costs or risk losing money.

Regulation and Customer Support

The company is not regulated, unregulated platforms generate funds from the public illegally. The company claims to offer investors 24/7 support service, yet no telephone contact or at least email has been provided to prove they respond to customers’ queries.

Once you deposit your funds, the company will quickly delete your account and block your details. Contact support is essential for any legit trading company to earn your trust with your money.

Bitcoin code has no information of the founders; hence it is not regulated, and you are not aware who is handling your funds. Companies that have regulatory certificates always prove this by posting them on their website, and this earns the investor trust easily.

Anyone promoting the company risks facing criminal prosecutions together with the owners for spreading false information to the members. Once this platform achieves the primary target, they will smoothly go out of existence, and tracking them or getting your money back is an impossible task.

The location details of the platform are not known to the investment. Furthermore, the bank location is also not known. Staying anonymous is one of the significant goals for scammers.

Domain Insights

According to, the platform is registered in 2017 August, and the registration expires on 2021 August. The domain name for this investment firm is

The platform ranks at 1,513,0 66, according to Alexa global ranking, and the target audience is unknown. It seems they do not have a lot of traffic coming their way despite the company being in the market longer.

Bitcoin Code Final Verdict

This company is not registered, and you should not trust a word they promise to offer you as investment profit. Once you lose your money, reaching the platform is a hard task as no information has been provided on the employees or the company founders.

The company method of operation is shady and can be seen as a major red flag on why you should not invest in them. The company provides no contact information to the investors. It only proves contact support is a significant thumb down in the company.

You should only trust legit companies that offer evidence to support the claims they offer investors or risk losing fans to Ponzi schemes such as The company uses a fake demo account with fake numbers to attract you and lie about their profit margin.

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