Blocksbtc Review: Terrible Mining Scam

Blocksbtc Limited claims to be online platforms that generate income from cryptocurrency mining. The platform promises investors an alternative option consisting of the rental of Computing capacity for cloud mining.

The company promise investors transparency and stable profit, yet the method they use to generate the benefits is not known to the client. Blocksbtc limited brag of the capability to create solutions. Hence interaction between investors and partners of the platform. firm utilizes new technology to safeguard the transfer of confidential data and financial transactions. The company claims it uses software to optimize management procedures.

The platform promises investors quick returns if they indulge with them. Once you’re a member of the platform, you are entitled to profit every day.

The Investment firm grants trust asset management of the highest quality based on foreign exchange and promise profitable return through Bitcoin exchange. The Pyramid Scheme claims to be the only investment offering hourly returns to its investors.

Even despite the high pricing of bitcoins, the company still promises you profitable Returns hourly. The company claims it located in the UK, yet no company number has been provided to support these allegations. Review

The company state it uses a dedicated server with the highest level of DDF as the method of funds protection for the investors. They assure clients round-the-clock support by the company in case you require assistance.

The platform promise investors instant withdrawal, and the minimum withdrawal accepted is $2. The method for withdrawal, however, is not well known to the Investor. Investors are promised long-term cooperation with the company. allegedly promise beneficial mutual services to the members of the company. The investment firm accepts funds via Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, Perfect Money, and Payeer. The company assures you that no profits are collected on your account, and you can withdraw the amount anytime. Scam Review, Platform lacks banking information. Hence it would help if you did not trust them with your funds. The company founders and employees are not known. Trusting the company with your money will be an unwise decision.

You risk-sharing or losing personal data with anonymous people who might end up using them for an unlawful purpose. Nothing this company assures investors make perfect sense. It would help if you did not get tempted into falling for the catch.

Once the company has your funds, they may end up blacklisting your details. Therefore, reaching them will remain a difficult task. Invest with reliable mining platform in the market.

Regulation and Customer Support is not a regulated company. The major problem with unregulated companies is that they smoothly go against the law whenever they choose to. Legal trade platforms always have a section proving their legitimacy by showing regulatory certificates to clients.

Unregulated companies risk facing criminal prosecution once authoritative legal bodies catch them. Legal platforms will provide telephone contact. Hence the members can easily reach them when they require assistance.

Blocksbtc limited email address is, [email protected] However,  this does not assert you will receive a reply once you write to the company. Scam companies always try to hide their identity, and this is the main reason they never provide contact information to their clients.

Once this platform exits the market, tracing is almost impossible. Therefore, you should reconsider before trusting the company.

Blocksbtc Investment Plan

Blocksbtc Limited has a fundamental characteristic as a scam platform. They use massive returns in the investment plans to attract investors into depositing funds. Ponzi schemes use overestimated figures to tempt you into depositing funds. If you do this, they will rob all your funds.

The platform has three different investment plans that investors can choose to venture in. Diamonds plan the minimum deposit in this plan is $10 and the maximum $499, the total ROI is 120%, this investment plan offers 1% every hour for 120 hours.

blocksbtc Scam Review, Plan

Gold investment plan allows a maximum of $999 and a total ROI of 140%, this plan in 70 hours promise 2% each hour. Last investment plan Platinum plan allows a maximum of $20000 and grants investors 3% hourly for approximately 60 hours.

All the Investment plans run for seven days, and the principle is inclusive. All the packages also feature a calculator to overestimate the profit you expect in return. Do not be so quick to trust these investment plans as the only thing you may receive are huge losses.

Mining is not as profitable as this Ponzi scheme puts it. In the previous years before the market was flooded, investors made a good earning for themselves. However, currently, there are numerous factors involved. The initials capital is enormous, power consumption, and cooling of tools; it all requires money.

It is there hard for small scale investors to venture into this niche, and that where mining companies come in to ensure everyone can join the market. Unfortunately, not all companies are legit as some are after investors’ money.

The company does not mention its drawdown or winning rates. Additionally, they do not feature performance reports that can show how they are doing in the market.

If you are keen enough, you will realize the company does not mention the amount of money that they take from investors to cater to the mining expenses. The company only promises huge returns, which no one knows where they are coming from.

Affiliate Program

Referral programs require the initial member to invite new members into the company. In return, they earn a specific commission from the new members’ deposit. Scam platforms need to generate traffic into the website for them to stay active for an extended time. offers you a three-level referral program. The referral programs do not require you to deposit funds to start earning. Investors upon successful registration, a customized link is created in which you can use to generate traffic into the website.

For every deposit made by the Investor you bring into the company, you receive a specific amount of the deposit they make into the platform. The Investment firm offers 10%, 3% and 1% for level 1 2 and 3 respectively.

Safety of Funds in Blocksbtc

Blocksbtc users’ money is not safe in this platform. The platform does not reveal the bank the segregate funds. Additionally, they do not disclose the withdrawal method that clients can use to get their money back.

We searched to see if the platform is paying, but there is not even a single customer who has provided proof of payment. It means that this platform is bring run by professional scammers who are only after your money.

Domain Insights

According to Alexa global ranking, the platform ranks at 1, 653, 276, the primary target audience for the company Bangladesh. According to, the company was registered in 2018 November, and the registration expires on 2020 November. The domain name for the company is Final Verdict

Blocksbtc Limited is, in no doubt, a professional Ponzi scheme. The company is not regulated; hence once they meet their target, they will quickly go out of existence.

Contact details and banking information are not known to the Investor. It is an essential requirement for legit mining platforms to have a license; it also creates transparency with investors.

The use of massive investment plans is a significant character in scam platforms to lure you into investing funds with them. You risk losing not only funds but also delicate information to scammers. However, how the platform plans to operate to generate a stable profit is not transparent.

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