BTCProMiner Review: Terrible Old Scam

BTCProMiner is another Bitcoin mining scam company that you should be wary of. The company has survived the market for years. The company lures innocent investors to their fraudulent activities with promises of earning 40 BTC per minute.

The amount is unrealistic and unattainable, especially when you consider the current market condition. The market is flooded with numerous miners, unlike in the past, where there were only a few miners.

Pyramid schemes are misleading investors with past statistics, especially novice clients who lack adequate knowledge of how the market works. Crypto mining is not a get reach quick program; you need to have the patience for you to make a reasonable amount of returns.

The market is also plagued with scammers, and you have to ensure you trust the reliable mining companies in the industry.


BTCProMiner claims they are the top bitcoin mining pool in the industry. Their mining power is allegedly backed up by physical miners.

According to the company, they can mine a large number of BTC due to their ability to utilize the latest algorithm in the industry.

The Ponzi scam ridiculous state that they want to help investors realize their financial goals. Their data centers are located in Europe, China, and the USA. Unfortunately, these are just claimed there is no evidence to prove this information is accurate.

There is no data regarding who is the owner of this company. Anonymity is something that is not appreciated when it comes to investment.

You have the right to know who is handling your money. The company has no visible mining activities proof. The platform does not disclose how they plan to control the additional incurred costs that come along when mining.

Investment Plan and BTC returns

BTCProMiner has four investment plans that they bait clients into their system. The plans are categorized as V1.3, V1.4, V1.5, and V1.6.

The least amount that you can earn from this shady company is 0.00003 BTC per minute and 0.5 BTC per day. The amount they promise is ridiculous and hard to attain. The company also has a referral program that they urge users to optimize. They promise commission ranging from 40% up to 50%.

BTCProMiner Scam Review, BTCProMiner Platform

The Platinum plan of BTCProMiner offers 0.0004 BTC per minute, and 0.48 Satoshi per day. Logically speaking, the sum does not add up. The company is offering investors opportunities that are higher even than the best mining platform in the industry.

You should ask yourself how are they able to do this when they do not even have mining evidence in their platform. If indeed this platform is as profitable as they claim, then every investor from all over the world should be flocking at their doorstep.

Well, this is not the case; the company is additionally offering free BTC to investors. Sadly, their deal is too good to be true. We searched online, but there is no tangible proof to ascertain investors have benefitted.

Registration and Licensing

BTCProMiner claims they are a regulated platform under company number 09951038. However, they do not even avail of the registration document. They expect investors to believe their words without proof.

The company accepts investors from across the globe. They are operating illegally, and once their business is no longer bring them the income, they will exit the market smoothly.

Investment companies ought to have a license from financial watchdogs in various countries for them to correct money from members of the public.

The company claims it is located in the UK, yet they are not in the FCA list of a regulated company. Unregulated platforms break the law as they please. Once the government catches up with them, they will be put behind bars.

BTCProMiner Withdrawal and Deposit

The least amount that you can withdraw from this pyramid scam is 0.0035 BTC. To upgrade your account, you will have to deposit an addition of 0.01 BTC.

The company claim that they handle withdraws request instantly. They accept deposits via Bitcoin. There is also no proof that people have successfully removed funds from this system.

Customer Support and Contact Details

The pyramid schemes alleged office location is at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, England, N1 7GU. As it is the norm of the pyramid scheme, this is just a random location that BTCProMiner has put up to appear as a legit company.

Ponzi schemes never reveal their location for their safety, and to avoid being traced by the government. You can reach the support by filing out their query form.

The company has not availed their email address or a telephone number for clients to reach them easily. There is no legit company that would risk their PR like the way BTCProMiner has done.

There is no available method to resolve your challenge while using their platform. Additionally, you cannot follow up on your money or investment status.

Before you deposit funds in any system, you should ensure they have an active support system. The way this company operates raises questions, and there is nothing good that will come out of it.

Safety of funds in BTCProMiner

Funds are not safe in the BTCProMiner platform. The company does not avail of any bank information that they segregate investors’ funds. Once you deposit funds, it will be hard to trace your money.

The company does not avail of any information regarding its founder. Investing with ghost companies is dangerous as their system may collapse, and they will escape in thin air.

They avail information regarding the location of their mining farms, but the information is false and only meant to buy your trust. Mining associates numerous risks, and the mysterious method this platform is using to achieve these high returns remains unknown.

The draw down and winning of BTCProMiners is not disclosed to the public. It is clear they target novice traders with little to no knowledge of how the market works.

The Domain Name

Using information available on we were able to determine the time the investment company began its operations. BTCProMiner’s official domain name is Its registration took place in April 2017 and will expire in the same month the year April 2021.

The platform has very high traffic coming into their website. According to, they have a global rank of 70,392. They target their audience from Iraq, Iran, and India. The company has a lot of traffic coming to their system.

Is BTCProMiner Legit or a Pyramid scheme?

We have enough reasons to believe BTCProMiner is a pyramid scheme that you should avoid at all costs. The company is operating discreetly, and the information regarding the founding father of this scam venture is hidden from the public.

The company has common characteristics with pyramid schemes in the market. BTCProMineris an offshore investment scheme that lies about its location to gain credibility. The comany does not offer customer support services, which makes us wonder what kind of business does that.

BTCProMiner Final Verdict

BTCProMiner is a company that has been in the market for a long duration. Nonetheless, they do not have any proof to show they are indeed undertaking mining activities.

When investing, ensure you do thorough research, and you also select the best trustworthy mining companies in the market to avoid being scammed. BTCProMiner has nothing to offer, and the amount of BTC they promise raises red flags.


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