ClickFunnels (Click Funnels) Review: Is it Plain Scam?

clickfunnels review

Click funnels

Clickfunnels is a landing page builder that helps affiliate marketers and internet marketers in general increase their sales. There are several Landing-page tools but none of them offers as much flexibility as Clickfunnels. Russell Brunson owns the platform and he regularly gets it updated to make sure it does not become obsolete in the fast evolving world of internet marketing. In this review, I look at what makes it an effective funnel creator and why Clickfunnels is not a scam. If you are an affiliate marketer, you need to sell your products online, or you want to start a campaign and need the help of affiliates, then this Clickfunnels review is for you.

What I Liked About Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels review

Several Funnels

Many products that promise to help you create a standalone pages, Clickfunnels offers two or more pages that gives a visitor a smooth landing. For example, its Lead Capture asks for the visitor’s email, once they sign up, it sends them to a “thank you” page.


  • Lead Capture Funnels: You use it to capture email addresses from your visitors and build your mailing list. It’s the backbone of most online business. It allows can help your business to survive in case Google decides to lower your ranking for one reason or another.
  • Sales Page Funnels: This funnel allows you to keep your sales process vibrant. You may use it to create upsells or downsells. These come in handy during holidays and other days when most businesses run their sale offers or when you don’t need to make any offers. I believe this one and the lead capture to be the most important when it comes to any affiliate program or eCommerce site
  • Webinar Funnels: The webinar funnel is awesome for those selling training of any kind for profit. It helps to make registration for webinar easy for your visitors.
  • Membership Sites: If you have a great product and you regularly update, then you can use this membership funnel to generate passive income. I believe it’s one of the best funnels if you plan to do online or affiliate marketing for the long haul.Clickfunnels scam

Unique Templates

Click funnels scam

Clickfunnels comes with its unique template that allows you to create pages that are different from what other website themes provide. They make putting together your funnel pages a breeze. All you have to do is point and click from beginning to end, absolutely no coding needed. What is more is that the design is live and everything changes as you build your custom pages. Clickfunnels allows you to easily move template elements around and place them wherever you want. That is something you cannot do with most funnel pages editors.

Elements Included In the Templates

The following elements are included in each page to help you create the dynamic funnel pages.

  • Basic elements: Image, Header, Text, Button, Video, and Input Forms
  • SMS Signup
  • Pricing Table
  • Countdown Timers
  • Survey
  • Facebook Comments
  • Video Unlocker
  • Custom HTML
  • FAQ Blocks

You will also be happy to learn that you can change the properties of the elements. The element properties that can be edited include color, fonts, margins, URL, alignment, etc.

Click funnels review

Credit Card Integration

Clickfunnels review

Although you cannot process credit card payments using Clickfunnels, it easily integrates with Stripe< >. Stripe is free to use as well as registering. That makes Clickfunnels a great product if you have products that you want to sell. To use Stripe to get payments from funnels you create with Clickfunnels, first register at for your Stripe Account. Follow the linking instruction to link your stripe account with your Clickfunnels’s funnel page you just created. Once the funnel page is linked, it will be able to collect any payment made by visitors who go through the Order Page of your funnel

Clickfunnels Tracking

Click funnels does not just offer you a way to create sales funnels. You will be able to see the number of visitors who clicked the “Next button,” as well as the number of visitors currently on each page funnel. You will also get a graph that shows several stats over a period that you allow your funnel to run. This is one of the best features about Click funnels, which clearly gives you value and insight on what your site’s visitors are doing. It is among the features that set Click funnels apart as not being a scam.


The Actionetics is a feature that gives you a deeper insight to your Lead funnel. It creates a profile of each lead and generates score. The score takes into consideration factors such as social scores, frequency, monetary value, and “recency”. These factors enable you to know which leads are more likely to buy your service or products. It’s is also an auto responder and helps you to give your leads immediate responses to let them know you will take care of any issue they may have.


Click funnels

Backpack is an awesome Click funnels platform that you can use to attach any funnels you create to run a sales campaign. It lets you get the help of affiliates to promote your product if you wish. You can use it to create or add everything that your affiliates will need including affiliate links, banners, and email swipe copy. The backpack is simply the best feature for you if want to leverage the power of experienced affiliates.


Click funnels

Clickfunnels has a two-tier membership. There is the $97 per month that gives you access to all tools. It however limits you to 20,000 visitors a month, as well as 20 funnels and 100 pages. Clearly, that is not a bad deal if you are just getting started. However, you will not get access to Actionetics and Backpack. If you need the Actionetcis, Backpack, and unlimited service to visitors, then you need to upgrade to $247 a month. Of course, there is a 14-day trial if you are not sure if this will work or not. However, if you already have traffic and you need to tap it better, I would say paying that much won’t be a problem. You will get results even in the first 14 days of trial


Overall Rating: 9/10

As we have seen in this Clickfunnels review, it is one of the best online marketing tools available and Clickfunnels is not Scam. It not only helps you to create landing pages, it also helps you to monitor your leads as well as sell your products or get affiliates to help you sell your products and services. I particularly like the Lead Tracking feature. It makes it easy to know your active leads as well as your dormant leads. Most funnel tools do not offer this amazing feature especially when compared to its strongest rival, LeadPages. That’s why I must recommend that you use this product. You just can’t let your traffic keep passing through your site untapped. Clickfunnels is the best and sure way to earn consistently from your organic as well as paid traffic. Take this moment and Go to Clickfunnels to get started.

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    I ordered a pink fit watch supposedly free have paid £7-97 postage, ordered in March and haven’t received it yet. The name of the website was:
    Is this a scam and believe it to be I would like a reply please and my postage back.
    This advertisement I believe was offered under the guise of breast cancer uk

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