Crowd1 Review: Pyramid Scheme or Legit?

Crowd1 is another pyramid in the market that has grown popular. The market team of the company is doing a thorough job. The pyramid scheme is being promoted all over social media.

The company is being promoted majorly in Africa. Investors in South Africa have recently complained against Crowd1 meager payouts. In our today’s review, we will discuss the shady features that this company has that does not create confidence with the majority of the investors.

Many investors are wondering if this company is really legit or just another scam in the market. Well, we hate to break it down to you, but Crowd1 is just another Ponzi scheme in the market that is after your money. Always invest with legit trading companies to avoid to lose your funds.

The fact is that the company will not be in existence after a few years. It is doomed t fail, and owe unto those who will have already deposited funds with the fraudulent platform. Investors are confused if the company can help them generate returns.

Crowd1 Review

Crowd1 is a gambling and gaming MLM(Multi-Level-Marketing) company that also deals with real estate training. The company accepts funds ranging from $99 up to $2499. Unfortunately, this company is not very clear on the investment services that they offer, which raise red flags regarding their transparency.

The platform is a Ponzi scheme that everyone will soon know about. The company uses very complex words to confuse their clients. Crowd1 does not provide adequate information regarding their products or training activities.

Crowd1 Scam Review, Platform

The company has an A-game marketing strategy. is using online gaming to link online networking and connect crowd marketing. The Ponzi scheme hides in the shadow of offering real estate training and several gambling applications/mobile games to scam investors.

The company thrives on its referral program. Investors have a daunting task of inviting as many people as they can for them to earn a decent earning. The platform will be using the funds of new investors to pay out the deposit.

The cycle will go in as much as their funds coming into the system. Once there is no more revenue coming in, it will be time for them to call the shots and exit the market, leaving you high and dry.


Crowd1 alleged founder goes by the name Jonas Werner. Jonas is infamous for starting investment firms that offer high returns, then the whole company collapsing. Surely you do not want to take chances with someone who operates in this manner.

Peter Jakobsson is the chief network leadership.

How Does Crowd1 Operate?

How this company operates remains a mystery as the business model is shady. The platform had prior been in the market for about ten months without clarifying the products or services that they offer.

Reality hit them, and they realized they were something missing; hence they spiced up their financial narrative a little more. The company did add the real estate crowd marketing and gambling app to ensure they stay relevant.

Crowd1 does not have any source of income apart from the money coming from their investors. We could not offer what type of education is this shady company offering? There are no tutorials, webinars, or any other training materials.

Crowd1 is using the crowd marketing business model to attract clients. The company perpetually mentions AffliGo, which is an affiliate online gambling site, and Miggster, an online social media game, and mobile games. The platform is not a gaming firm, but they work together with Miggster and Affilgo, which are gaming companies.

The only way you can make money from Crowd1 is if you are determined to refer as many people as you can. But why go all through this hustle while you can invest in better online investment companies in the industry.

Crowd1 Investment Plan

Cloud mining has four plans that you can choose which one is suitable for your needs. They are a bit expensive, and the majority of people may not find it favorable. The plans are as follows

  • White plan costs 99 Euros which investors receive 100 EUR ownership right shares.
  • Black goes for 299 Euros, and the clients are promised 300 EUR worth of the owner’s right shares.
  • The gold package costs 799 Euros. Investors receive 1000 EUR worth of the owner’s right shares.
  • The fourth and final pack is the Titanium will cost you 2,499 Euros, it offers 3500 EUR worth of owner rights shares.

All the plans have additional compensations that come along with recruiting more victims. The compensation plan of Crowd1 is a bit complicated, but we shall try breaking it does for you.

The company offers the ‘owner right’ which depends on the plan that you pick. The platforms assure investors that their earning will increase as the activity of Crowd1 grows. They use a binary competition method to reward clients.

It means you will also receive a cut when both your initial referrals bring new investors. Sounds fantastic, right? Keep in mind that the company may not be in the market for long. To understand their compensation better, kindly visit their website.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Crowd1 accepts funds via Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and Visa Electron. Investors can withdraw their earning using the method that they initially deposited funds with.

Currently, we are not sure how long the withdrawal process takes, or if there are other charges that investors are subjected to. Regulatory bodies require an investment platform to segregate funds with a known financial institution.


Multiple regulatory bodies have issued a warning against Crowd1. The platform is operating illegally, and recently the Competition and Consumer Protection Department (CCPD) of Vietnam has issued an injunction against the company.

Additionally, several regulatory bodies in Africa have also warned their citizens against the company. The platform has been termed as a pyramid scheme by Bank of Namibia. In Burundi, over 300 individuals were put behind bars for marketing Crowd1.

CNV has also issued a warning against the platform, and those who promote their fraudulent activities risks facing three years’ imprisonment. Moreover, the same company has been categorized as a pyramid scheme by Norway’s gaming and foundation authority.

All these are enough red flags that the company is not legit. Investing with them exposes you to numerous risks. Without being regulated, funds are not secure, and from the look of things, they might exit the market when they please.

Crowd1 Testimonials

During our review on Crowd1, we did encounter user reviews on the company. There is mixed reaction were some claims that they have had a better experience using the platform. However, we also met numerous negative testimonials.

Some want to quit the platform already, as it only talks about themselves. They do not know about the services or products that they are offering. Additionally, some clients want to quit the whole operation. If you do not recruit new members, you will not make any earnings. The company is

The Domain Insight

Crowd1 has a very high Alexa global ranking of 793. The majority of its traffic comes from Russia, India, and South Africa. According to, the company has been in the market since November 2007, and its registration expires in the same month of the year 2020.

Final Verdict

Crowd1 is a shady company that is operating illegally. The platform does not state the products that they invest with. They solely depend on the affiliate program, chances of them exiting the market are very high.

You should only invest with legit companies that can help you earn substantial returns in the market. Keep off this as they might not be in existence for an extended period. Finally, a lot of regulatory bodies have issued a warning against their operation.

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