Crypto Unlocked Review: Scam of the Month ( scam

Crypto Unlocked Review: Scam of the Month

Crypto Unlocked found at, is a new crypto trading bot that claims to make you rich overnight. We know that Crypto currency trading can be really profitable, especially if you use legitimate and approved bots. You also need to know what you are getting into especially if you are a newbie. That’s why we have decided to let you know about Crypto unlocked.

Crypto unlocked scam

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Our Thoughts

If you were thinking about joining Crypto Unlocked bot, we urge you to stay far away from it. This review will show you why Crypto Unlocked is nothing but a scam waiting to steal all your money. Read on to know all the facts and cheats Crypto Unlocked have been using to steal millions from unsuspecting Cryptocurrency investors.

Owners of this bot want you to believe that you can become filthy rich. They want you to believe you can make large sums of money fast with just a touch of a button. All you have to do is use this software and everything else will fall into position. This all sounds nice, but, it’s not all true.

There are indeed crypto currency trading bots that have been proven to make reasonable profit margins. Crypto Unlocked is not one of them. We are convinced that Crypto Unlocked is nothing but a complete scam that is simply a rip off.

There’s no evidence that shows or proves this outrageous claim that Crypto Unlocked is real. These crooks have come up with ways that make the bot seem real and thus convince unsuspecting crypto currency investors. We have plenty of evidence that proves that this trading bot is nothing but a scam. This is simply another crypto currency trading scam that we should all avoid.

We are simply here to bury this malicious scam and ensure no one else gets scammed by these fraudsters. This bot needs to be shunned and that’s why we have decided to expose the scammers. We will show you the real threat that this bot offers and ensure you don’t become another victim.

These are some of the compelling evidence that we compiled as we did our Crypto Unlocked investigation.

No person is in charge

What first made us realize that this is a fictitious trading bot is the fact that Crypto Unlocked is totally anonymous. This simply means that there’s no clear leader or known developer of this app. Crypto Unlocked is totally 100% anonymous. This means that we don’t know who the owner of this trading app is. The website does not indicate who the real owner is.

There’s no indication of who created it, funded the development of the bot or who runs it. There’s zero information on who actually owns and runs this money making bot. This sounds suspicious right? It should be. This is a huge problem as far as we can tell. In all our reviews, we always insist to our readers never to trust your money with any anonymous crypto trading platform. Never put your money on a bot that you don’t have a clue who owns it. If the bot works as they claim, there’s no reason for the developer to hide behind the curtain. There’s a good reason why these people are hiding their actual identity. It’s because they are stealing money from unsuspecting crypto currency newbies and investors. They simply don’t want to get caught and end up behind bars for stealing your hard earned money.

Inner Workings of Crypto Unlocked

The inner workings of this bot itself makes us raise red flags. Good investors need to know about the various trading strategies, market analysis, algorithms and indicators involved. Crypto Unlocked gives no indication on how their trading strategies work. This is a problem since they want us to believe they use an advanced algorithm. Even if that’s the case, they should at least explain how it works.

It’s not a wonder that this bot maybe an empty shell that has no algorithm. What we can deduct from this bot is that it’s simply a place for you to deposit money. Once you make your deposit, they will take out all your money and you will never hear from them. These are just criminals that are running the show and you should stay away from them.

Offering Unlimited Profit Margins

One of the most ridiculous claim is that this bot is offering unlimited profit margins. This is simply a lie that all traders know. There’s no shred of evidence to prove this claim. This is untrue in every imaginable way. It’s like saying if you deposit $10, you will always make a win rate with this deposit. This is entirely false and unreasonable.

What most people don’t grasp is that when it comes to automated trading bots, there’s no such thing as unlimited profit margins. This is a totally stupid thing to mention and it should not fool anyone. Just remember that these people don’t show or tell us how this bot works making it even more suspicious.

Truth is, Crypto Unlocked does not work at all. You will never make money with this bogus crypto currency trading bot. We have been in touch with a few experts and the general conclusion is that this app is simply a scam. There have been a few unlucky people who tried out this bot and all they got was empty accounts. Simply put, they lost all their money.

Fake Testimonials

All the people used to testify that they have been making money with this bot are simply paid actors. They have been paid to make others believe that this bot actually makes money. This is another reason why you should steer clear from this automated trading bot.

Our Conclusion

If you want to use this trading bot, STAY AWAY from it. Theirs is simply not a good enough reason as to why you should use it. In fact, there are numerous reasons as to why you should not use it. This is a fake company that has no license and is not approved by the trading community. You will be a part of this sinking ship if you deposit your money with them.

Crypto unlocked review

Always use approved and recommended crypto currency trading bots for all your crypto currency investments. Stay away from fake companies and bots that have nothing else better to do than steal your money.


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