Review: An Obvious Nasty Crypto Scam is an alleged online-based trading platform that claims to create interest for real estate and Forex. The company claims to be a legal Investment entity with incorporation in the United Kingdom.

The company brags of having unmatchable experience in the trading world, and they only generate profits. High return rates in the past were easily attainable but currently the crypto world is highly competitive and reaching such numbers Crypto Arena company claim to offer is no doubt a red flag.

Crypto Arena Scam Review, Crypto Arena Platform

The company promise investors advantages through their capital venture application programs and lucrative theory course of action. The company boast reaching investors money related potential, yet the method of operation is not transparent.

The Investment firm promises investors reliable arbitrage methods that ensure 100% money security. The crypto niche like any other business has some good and bad days that you may experience while trading, and 100% return is never promised.

The company promise you constant returns but do not be so quick to fall for their catch as you will end up getting your funds swindled. This scam platform does not guarantee investors security and the method used to protect information is also not known. claim to have speedier transactions, reliability and best regards in the organisations. The company accept multiple payment partners like Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin. Review

The company founders and employees are not Known and only causes distrust. No evidence has been provided to back up these companies claim; hence you should only trade with legit platforms. has numerous scam characteristics; the use of fake testimonials of investors who claim to have benefited from the platform is visible. The members claim to have received instant money on the account thanking the admin and praising the platform.

However, do not get tempted into trading with this platform through the fake testimonials. No evidence is provided to support their allegations.

Crypto Arena Funds Safety

This investment firm does not guarantee funds security. Additionally, they do not provide banking information or even banking location. Legal investment plans provide banking data, hence you easily know who is handling your money.

In case you lose money, it will be easier to get fund refund and even trust the company is your money but this is only possible, and the required information is provided. No withdrawal method is mentioned, and there is no evidence of any investor who has successfully taken funds out of the account.

The company uses fake details of latest investors who have withdrawn money from the account to try and tempt you into depositing money into their accounts. Once you deposit funds into the account, the company might block you and reaching them will remain an impossible task. Multiple complaints have been raised regarding this platform and should not trust them with your funds.

Regulation and Customer Support

This investment firm is not regulated, and once they reach their target, they will quickly go out of existence. Legit trade platforms that have legal incorporation certificate will always prove them on their website.

Following set guidelines by different organisations always prove the genuineness of the company. Therefore, lowers the risk of criminal prosecutions for operating against the law. For any trading company to be allowed to generate funds from the public regulatory procedures is a mandatory requirement. claim their address is Windmill Hill Business Park Whitehill Way Swindon United Kingdom SN5 6QR. While doing our research  we discovered that this address was just made up to win investors trust.

The telephone contact is +1(306)403-8024 and the email is [email protected] The company claims to offer quick support investors this may easily be the opposite as you lose will money.

The platform, however, does not feature under the FCA cluster, which is the regulatory body in the UK. It only proves that nothing they do make sense. Investment Plan

Ponzi schemes always use huge attractive investment plans to lure you into depositing funds into the accounts expecting promising returns. The return forever is not still appealing to the eye of the Investor. Let us have a look at some of the investment plans  offer you;

The first three investment plans Returns are guaranteed after 24 hours. In investors and 20% 30% and 50% respectively in the first three plants. The last plan offers investors 100% in just 48 hours. These numbers may easily tempt you into depositing funds, but all you get is shocking funds lose. Review, Plan

The platform features a profit calculator you can use to overestimate your earnings. All the Investment loans feature principal in closing, and the minimum amount is $20, the maximum amount you can invest is $50000.

Legit investment firms always provide reasonable return estimations, and you should use only such. Experienced traders in the crypto world will at first glance, realize the red flags exposed in the Investment plans and will not waste a coin in investing with

Domain Insights

The company’s domain registrar is Namecheap, inc., which is used by many scammers and allows them to hide their identities. This platform is registered in February 2020, for one year till 2021.

According to Alexa global ranking target audience for this company is unknown, and the platform is ranked at 8, 240,048. The platform has a low traffic coming in their system.

Is a Scam? is a Ponzi scheme that is less than a year old. Right from the returns, they promise investors it raises red flags how they will achieve such profits. The information on their website is bogus and misleading.

The company does not create credibility with investors. There is no digital currency trading taking place in this shady platform woe unto those who deposit funds.

There is no information regarding who is the owner of this platform. If the platform is indeed doing so well in the market, then every trade would be flocking ta their system. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Crytoarena does not avail performance to back up their allegations, or a managerial report to show they have the best team in the industry. You will be trusting a company that you do not know the qualification of the posses.

To top up the list, the company is unregulated, does not segregate users funds, and they have no trading history. There is nothing positive regarding this Ponzi scheme. Final Verdict

The platform is not regulated and unregulated companies should not to be trusted with your money. The company’s method of operation is not Known to the Investor, and this only raises more doubts.

No banking information or location has been provided. Hence you cannot trace your money once you lose it. The company does not offer any evidence to back up their allegations.

Ponzi schemes always try to lure you to invest with them by using unachievable investment plans. The founding fathers of this company are not mentioned and you deserve to know who is controlling your funds.

The salesperson will be calling you to convince you to cash in more funds. The telephone number they have will forever be busy, and when it goes through it will be a circus where they will keep you on hold till you give up.

Despite losing the money you risk losing personal information. Nothing this platform offers you make sense and you should only venture with reasonable legit companies. Trust only reliable companies that will help you gain reasonable returns.

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  1. Louie

    I agree. They block me after i invested 200 usd. Dont invest here. Your money will put into waste. You don’t listen? You will definitely understand what i am saying .

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