Cryptohands Review: an Awful Scam

Cryptohands is a pyramid scheme that claims it is a risk-free blockchain project. It is allegedly the fastest and easiest way to make money in the crypto industry. The company claim investors have the opportunity to earn vast returns.

The company boasts of utilizing the power of decentralization. Cryptohands welcome every investor to earn from the platform. The platform applies smart contract in the Ethereum cryptocurrency network and claims the platform cannot be changed or deleted by anyone, including the Creator.

The details of the founders are not mentioned. Additionally, the employees and system the company uses to generate vast profits for the investors also remain unknown. The investment firm claims they are unstoppable despite the company possibility of facing closure.

The company claims that smart contract keeps the customer’s account safe. Hence, the website does not interfere with their details. For you to operate in the platform, your Ethereum wallet has to have a balance of 0.05, which is an equivalent of $12.20.

For you to sign in into the account, you have to provide your Ethereum wallet number. Despite the company claiming no password is required, you risk losing personal information to scammers.

About Cryptohands

The company claims that investors receive automatic transactions from the smart contract directly to their ethereum wallets. Cryptohands members do not need to accept transactions or request for payments. The funds are directly transferred.

The investment firm states nobody can close your account, yet the security protection the company applies is not known to the clients. The platform mention that the cost in the project is not more than 0.05 ethereum, and it’s immediately refunded with the next referral.

Cryptohands Scam Review, Platform

The shady company claims no human effort is put and does not even require the admin factor. The company brags that the open-source smart contract cannot be removed from the Ethereum network.

Cryptohands claims investors can repeat the transactions to a year. The system will maintain a constant profit amount. The company claims everyone can make money, but the only real gem of the platform is the company founder.

Investors are not guaranteed of the fund safety. Once you fall for the catch and invest money in the company, you risk losing all your funds. The company claims to operate per the law, but this information is false.

The operation of this company is not well known to the investors, and so is the system they use. The company claims that even with an inactive referral, your profit still multiplies. The company claims partnership with which help them to generate the same constant trade for a year.

Regulation and Customer Support

This platform is not regulated and may easily go out of existence. Cryptohands is a pyramid scheme that operates under blockchain to hide the shady business. The company and the owners who promote the company risk facing criminal charges once they’re caught by the law for deceiving investors.

For a company to generate funds from the public regulatory procedures, need to be observed. Licensed investment platforms are more transparent to venture with, as there is trust. You should only trust regulated platforms as they will always showcase their regulatory documents to you.

Cryptohands platform is operating illegally, and you should avoid them at all costs. Venturing with them you risk losing not only your money but also personal, delicate information.

No location address has been provided, and once you lose your funds tracking the company will remain a difficult task.Nonetheless, the pyramid scheme does not provide information regarding the financial institutions that safeguard users’ funds. What is even worst is the fact that they do not have quality security measures to protect clients from the hacker.

Legit platforms always provide the company’s founders and employees identification data as a sign of genius to the clients. No information regarding the founders has been availed. It is a common character trait for scam platforms hiding their identity remains their ultimate goal.

The company fails to avail delicate information that investors require to build trust. Telephone contact or even at least email are essential documents that investors need to have to contact the platform.

Unfortunately, in case you encounter any challenge in Cryptohands platform, there is no method of resolving the issue. You need to ensure the customer support of an investment company is responsive and excellent.

Domain Insights

According to, the platform was registered in 2019 January, and registration expires in 2022 the same month. The domain name for the company is

According to Alexa global ranking, ranks at 91,994. The primary target audience for The platform in India. It seems the company is reaching its goals as they have a huge traffic coming to their website.

Is Cryptohands a Legit Company or Scam?

You might have come across Cryptohands and wondered if it is a scam company or a legit entity. While we hate to break it to you but the company is a nasty  pyramid scheme that you should keep off at all costs.

The platform has a lot of traffic coming into their company, which is funny since the company has nothing to sell apart from their fake financial narrative. We got to applaud the sales team of this pyramid scheme.

They are working tirelessly to fish in as many victims as they can. The promoters make money at the expense of the investor. There is a conflict of interest between the pyramid scheme and the marketers.

The company has not availed any performance report for the investors to see how they are fairing on in the market. Additionally, the shady company does not offer customer support services to investors.

The red flags do not end here, the company is operating against the law, and no financial watchdog in the market regulates their operations. We checked on the database of Pacific, Asia, and Europe to see if they are licensed, and as we expected, they are not.

The business model of this company is not transparent, and how they offer free ETH to clients remains a mystery that nobody can solve apart from them. The deal Cryptohands offers is too good to be true, and everyone should see that.

The withdrawal method is also not clear; we do not know how long it takes to complete the requests. If what this company offers is indeed legit, then every investor should be knocking at their door. There would be multiple testimonials from real clients endorsing their services. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Cryptohands Final Verdict

The method the platform uses to comes up with the profits is not known to the investor. The platform is not regulated, and the founders risk facing criminal prosecutions. No information has been provided about the employees and how they work.

The platform is operating illegally as no information on regulation has been provided about the company. The location of the company whereabouts is also not known to investors.

You risk losing money to the company, and once you deposit your funds, they may even block you, and you cannot contact them again.

You should only trust legit companies that prove their legitimacy by showcasing all the required details and data to the investors. The Ponzi scheme once they achieve their target, they ceased to exist, and you end up losing money.



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