Days AI Systems Review: This Scam is so Obvious

Days AI Systems claims to be a software package created on neural networks and artificial intelligence. The software features three different elements. The platform boast that the system is not a simple trading robot indicator or script. The three central systems are:

Days research and Analytics, this module allegedly explode historical and real-time information the size of the market in a given time. This segment generates candlestick patterns and price action scenarios.

Days pattern Builder is the second module used by this platform; this pattern takes a range of information from the first module and processes the information finding matches and trends in the asset price behavior. This element creates different trading patterns in real-time and then transfer them to the next element.

Days  AI Systems claim the capability to generate historical data and achieve of quotations, real-time, and fundamental analysis price action analysis and information about market volumes. The company boasts being a recent breakthrough in the world of high-frequency trading.

The platform claims to kill the idea of having experienced traders by the use of their system. The company claims the system can support more than 50 states in one trade. In just 1 minute, Days AI system claims the ability to generate information you can rely on for years. Review

The company claims mathematical expectation and high-profit Factor ensure stable profit for you. Days claimed that the absence of a human Factor is also another main feature the used to generate high profits for the Investor.

The company claim based on artificial intelligence and big data and artificial intelligence and massive data technology the Day System detects patterns and applies them in the trade. The platform allegedly decides an average speed of 0.358 seconds.

Days AI System brag being ahead of every competitor in Speed hence the extract the maximum profit of each trade transaction. However, how the company plans to generate the funds is not well applying for the Investor to trust a word they tell you.

Days AI System Scam Review, Platform

The company assures you the capability to work efficiently in any market, no matter how hush conditions for trading. The Investment firm calculates hundreds of patents per minute and finds the most profitable entry into the trade market.

The Investment firm has not provided you with any visible evidence to support the claims they offer investors. The platform allegedly prioritizes business goals that machine learning is best at achieving. The Investment firm promises you the creation of final data sets by building apps that make it easy to collect valuable information.

How Does the platform Operates?

Days AI System Investment allegedly writes algorithms that learn from best decision-makers and deliver intended outcome guidance in real-time. The platform’s uniqueness of technology is that they use the full potential of the AI while trading and generating data. Use legit trading software that will help you realize your financial goals.

Day AI System is the third element used by Days AI  Systems the system download patterns from the last model and look for the most profitable entry points into the market. The platform puts into consideration factors such as liquidity news noise and the number of positions.

How the systems operate,  is not mentioned to investors, and this only proves a lack of transparency in their dealings. The company brags processing large amounts of data in the lowest time possible and generating l high profit as income for you.

They claims exclusion of human Factor hence historical data and news, the software the company boasts is 1000 times better than human effort. The platform claims not requiring human efforts, yet when the software malfunction, human assistance is necessary to recreate the hardware.

The company allows access to investment by the Investor from any place in the world that has internet access. Investors can use payment partners like Bitcoin litecoin ethereum perfect money and payeer.

Days AI System Fund safety does not Grant you find safety has no banking information has been provided to the Investor. The withdrawal procedure is also not known, and you should not trust the company with your money.

The company has not provided the method of security used by the company to protect your fund. You should not trust this company with your money as soon as you deposit funds. Your details may even be blocked.

Regulation and Customer Support

The company is not regulated and only features a fake incorporation certificate to hide their Shady business. Days AI System claim investors can trade from everywhere in the world; any platform to be allowed to generate funds from the public regulation is a must requirement.

The company number for the investment is 1260 5068 11 5A Harley Street London, the location; however, during our investigation, we found out that it was just made up and did not exist.

Unregulated investment firms will smoothly go against the set trade guidelines, and once they swindle, all your hard-earned funds reaching them will remain to be a hard objective.

The company risks facing criminal prosecution for their caught by the authorities. Legit trading platforms will always provide you with legal certificates to assert the genuineness and will quickly earn your trust in trading with them.

The company has not provided any contact information or even email addresses that you can use to reach them if you require the assistance of feedback. Legit trade companies will at least provide you with email and telephone contact. Ponzi schemes will always use fake documents to hide the illegitimacy and tempt you into depositing funds into the account.

Investment plan and bounty program

Days AI Systems has numerous scum characteristics. The use of enormous massive and unattainable. Investment plans to lure investors into depositing funds into the account. The platform in the investment plan promised investors 3% daily on working days and a charge of the same on weekends daily.

Investors with experience in the trading world will realize murkiness at first glance of the investment plan. The Investment firm also features a Bounty program which they claim you can use to benefit. The investment plan claims the bonus program is an excellent opportunity to earn rewards by doing simple tasks to make the project known.

The company promises you up to $10000 cash giveaway. The Investor has to create a video review of the company or a video of cooperation with the platform. For the video you create, the minimum bonus you can earn is $5 per video, and the maximum bonus is $100.

Affiliate Program

Days.sytems need to generate traffic to the website to stay active. Ponzi scheme use affiliate programs where the initial investors are required to invite new members. In return, they earn a specific commission that is agreed upon by the company.

The company does not limit you to the number of new members you can invite into the platform. The more you invite, the more you earn. Days AI System promise you bonus from deposit two levels deep.

The first level allows you to earn 10% of the new members’ deposit while the second level offers you 5% of the same. Investors can use a unique customized link which they can share via messages and social media platforms to attract new members into the company.

The company also features a representative program where you can become a representative and get affiliate income. The representative program also features two levels, which guarantee you 15% at the first level and 5% at the second level.

Days AI System Final Verdict

Days AI System has no information about the company founders; hence should not trust anything they promise you. Unregulated platforms once they rob all your money tracing them, is not accessible. Therefore, you should not trust them with the funds risk losing your mind to the Ponzi scheme. You should only trust reasonable legit trade platforms that offer achievable profit Returns.

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