eComFlips ( Review: Is It a Scam Or Does it Really Work?



Most of us have a desire to make more money and earn riches by working less or even not working at all. That is what the eComFlips promises to give. eComFlips is a product that promises to teach us who to earn by selling products on thin eCommerce stores. According to its owners Ivana Bosnjak and Bart Deblcok, you will be able to sell any products you pick and make over $100 each day by working 2 hours or less each day. In this eComFlips review, I am going to look at what to expect from them and whether eComFlips is scam or not.

eComFlips review

What I Liked About Ecomflips

eComFlips scam

There are so many scam online these days that promise to bring us lots of riches for little to no work. They all give us a rosy picture of what we can achieve if only we spent our hard-earned money on their mystery products. Some even promise to make us thousands from day one. That is why I liked eComFlips’s approach. They promise a reasonable income in exchange for working just 2 hours each day. That is a possibility of earning as long as you will be selling a unique product and offering an awesome product. Unfortunately, eComFlips promises that you will not even be the one offering customer support. Your e-commerce site will literally be on autopilot from day one.

What I Didn’t Like About Them


No Product Community

In any business community, there always has to be some form of support community where people discuss the challenges they face. Even in startups, where the company is its infancy, the founder dedicate sometime to meetings. It is during meetings that two or more people discuss their progress and agrees on what needs to be done. They also discuss what could have gone wrong or what worked and needs to scale to reap more benefits. It is the same idea that informs the growth of community forums online. You will be surprised to learn that eComFlips offers no such forums. Once you buy their product, you are on your own, which is typical of most scams. I wouldn’t think of buying such a product and I would advice that you also stay away from them.



I like it when I buy a product and get all the benefits under one price. Sometimes, I don’t mind if the product is split into several categories such as standard, premium and Pro. However, each category should be able to serve me on its own. The other packages should just offer greater capacity to do what the standard products does. Otherwise, if the standard product is incomplete in its features to the point that it’s dysfunctional, then it’s scam. I would definitely say that it’s the definition of scam because the goal is not to exchange the product with cash. Instead, it to use the product as bait to get cash out of my bank account. That is what eComFlips does; they have split them into several products. However, you need to buy all the products to start using eComFlips. When you do that, the actual price shoots to a supposedly “real value” of $795.

No Support Offered

If I am going to spend close that amount to get a product, then I also expect that the product will be well supported. Technology changes fast these days, which means that even the best product could become unusable because the third-party platforms can no longer support it. Therefore, buying eComFlips whose only form of support is email means you are most likely to lose your investment. It also takes a while before you get a response from their email support, typically over 24 hours. Unlike live chat or phone calls, it is just hectic using email to communicate and get instant help. I would therefore recommend that you keep away from eComFlips. They do not offer live chat support, community, support or phone support.

You Won’t Learn About Marketing

eComFlips review

I was also disappointed to know that if I bought the product I will not learn anything about internet marketing. Internet traffic is the backbone of ecommerce, if you do not have it, you will not be able to sell much. However, the owners of the eComFlips scam would want us to believe that we can succeed online without any traffic. If sites such as Amazon and Alibaba rely on affiliates to bring them internet traffic, then it goes without saying small ecommerce sites need to get as much traffic as they can manage as well. eComFlips promises that you will be able to make over $100 on a daily basis without engaging any form of traffic generation. I was honestly tempted to buy eComFlips when I heard that, the only thing that held me back was that it didn’t make sense when I thought of it; Selling online without having internet buyer traffic.

It’s Not An Affiliate Platform

eComFlips scam review

If you wanted to start an affiliate business and grow you online assets, then eComFlips is the wrong place. As I reviewed their product, I realized they are encouraging posting of thin material that is just simple a product description at best. They do not encourage us to build authority e-commerce sites, which is what makes an e-commerce brand that people can share and recommend to their friends. I would therefore say that buying their product is simply getting ready to fail.


Overall Rating: 1/10

In this eComFlips review, we looked at how eComFlips promises to create ecommerce sites that do not rely on internet traffic to generate income. We also saw that they promise minimal work, not use of internet marketing, and zero investment in traffic generation. All those factors pointed to one thing. That the eComFlips is just a scam. It is designed to scam you of your hard earned money. Furthermore, you also do not get to be a part of a community working together and sharing ideas. That is why I recommend that you stay away from this horrible scam. You should instead join a verified affiliate platform such as Wealthy Affiliate, which offers the following awesome benefits:

  • Free signup so that you can see for yourself what they offer.
  • The annual fee nets you a discount of $17 monthly.
  • There is 24/7 Live chat from Wealth Affiliate Support.
  • You can easily buy a domain by taking the annual membership and saving $17 monthly.
  • A vibrant community of fellow affiliate offering real time support.

I hope that this eComFlips review has been informative and you now know why you should avoid them. Take this moment to join Wealthy Affiliate. They are a platform designed for one purpose only, to help you succeed in a world where almost nobody cares about you.

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