Forrise Review: an Emerging Forex Scam

Forrise is an investment company that claims it undertakes trading activities. The platform has much bogus information that does not prove there are any investment services taking place.

The platform success comes from their able founder Adam Schulz, and his team. The company has been in the market long enough, but it does not see the need for putting up their financial reports or achievements that they have been able to meet.

You can make multiple deposits, but the platform does not allow members to have more than one account. Theoretically speaking, if Forrise Limited undeniably can generate a daily return of 5%, then there is no need for them to collect money from traders.

The only income that the company is getting is from those who trust them with their funds. They will use the income to cater for the withdrawals until there is no more revenue coming their way.

The company is destined to fail, and come a few years from now, and they will exit the market without being traced. Avoid losing money to these fraudsters by investing with reliable companies.

Forrise Review platform

About Forrise offers education material that only provides info regarding the business and the advantage of investing with the shady platform. The purpose of any education should be for boasting users’ trading knowledge.

The company assures investors they will have stable and reliable better financial solutions. It is still unknown the business model that they utilize. The company videos that are meant to show what they do seem false, as the people in it look like professional actors.

Forrise has lucrative programs as well as a referral program that they offer their clients. Unfortunately, the chance of receiving the returns are very minimal. There are better Forex brokerage companies in the industry that will give you real time returns.

It is not clear how this company intends to make huge returns. The platform collects money from its clients and builds financial flows using the cash by analyzing various factors in the market.

They then share the gained return with their customers. The company does not state if they undertake Forex, CFD, or commodities trading. They only information we could gather from their FAQ is that the website is only focusing on a small niche of the trading industry.

The profit that they earn develops their company. We do not know if Forrise is using any technology to perform their trading, or they solely depend on their group of experts.

Forrise Limited claims that they work with the best currency, stock, cryptocurrencies, and commodities market in the world. The company should exercise transparency to build trust with their clients.

Forrise Founder

Forrise claims its founder is Adam Schultz, and the company backs its experience from 2009. The director allegedly is well versed in the field of finance. The platform credits its success to him.

He studied trading, global stock exchanges, and deep analytics in Great Britain. The founder launched Forrise Limited in 2019, a trading platform that is allegedly registered in Panama.

Sadly, there is no social media profile of Shultz. Which leaves us to wonder who this man is, is he qualified to be trusted with investors’ money? Time will tell, as we do not have faith in this platform.

Schultz himself has mentored the team of this platform. They take much time in training the traders, which makes them stand up in the market compared to their marketers.

Forrise Regulation and Registration

Forrise Limited states that they are located in the Republic of Panama, and they are a legal entity that observes the proper methods that have been put into place. The platform features an incorporation certificate on their website.

The document does not mean much as this platform is an offshore firm that is operating illegally. The only reason they have put up this certificate is for them to appear as a transparent platform.

The company accepts members from across the globe, yet they are not in the database of FCA, ASIC, or CySEC. It would help if you did not venture with unregulated platforms as you risk losing all your money. Once an offshore company exit the market, the government cannot help to recover your funds as the operators are anonymous.

Contact Details

The company location is Greenview Panama, Corredor Sur, Panama. There is no tangible evidence to prove that this is the actual location of this suspicious platform.

Investors of Forrise can reach the company via telephone number +49(7432)809-30-04 or via email; [email protected] Before you deposit your funds into any system, you need to ensure you check if the platform support is responsive.

It has become the custom of pyramid schemes contacting investors to convince them to deposit more funds for them to receive a higher amount of returns. Avoid falling for these scammers.

We haven’t yet received complaints regarding this company, so kindly let us know what you think about their operations in the comment section.

Investment Plan

The platform has multiple investment plans that they offer their victims. The deposit can be made in USD, BTC, or ETH. Users can deposit funds as much as they please, but the company state that for their novice trader, they can only deposit once.

The least amount that you can deposit is $50 or 0.004 BTC, and it takes 15 days to receive your earnings. Investors are promised a 1% daily profit, and a total of 15% ROI after their investment matures. Additionally, the least amount of money that you can withdraw is 1 USD.

Forrise does not disclose its supported method of withdrawal. They, however, assure clients that they do not have hidden charges, and the payout can take up to 2 days to be processed.

Their Superior plan accepts a deposit ranging from $50,000 up to $1,000,000. It takes 130 days to mature, and promise users a profit of 4% daily, the total ROI that you can yield is 520%. The platform features no banking information.

It is hard to manually earn the kind of profit that they project without having a trading software. It increases the chances of them being a fraudulent company. The platform is playing smart as they do not disclose the exchanges that they cooperate with.

Now let’s do the math the amount of return that Forrise is offering is way too vast, and it does not add up. There is no legit company in the market that is offering anything close to them.

You should ask yourself why is the company offering ridiculous returns. They only want to attract individuals to scam as many innocent investors as they can.

The Domain Insight

It seems does not have any intention of exiting the market any time soon. According to, the platform was registered in July 2019 and will expire in the same month the year 2029. We also did manage to find that the platform has a very high Alexa ranking of 28,694. The majority of their traffic is coming from the US, Senegal, and Russia, respectively.

Forrise Final Verdict

The company lacks adequate information regarding the services that they offer. They leave the task for clients to figure out they are handling Forex, commodities, and digital currency trading.

We are calling out this platform for not being transparent, and they do not have a regulatory document that permits them to perform their activities. You should invest with a legit trustworthy platform in the market that will never compromise your earnings.

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