Green Screen Academy Review: Interesting Scam Product!

Green Screen Academy Review

Green Screen Academy at is a tool for editing videos and Todd Gross owns it. This product targets Internet marketers, product owners, and affiliate marketers and promises to help them create high converting videos. The selling point is it can help you create professional videos without owning a professional studios or shooting scenes. In this Green Screen Academy Review, I am going to look at what to expect and if it’s worth your investment and time. Is Green Screen Academy a scam? Well, let us find out and save you from losing money if possible.

What I Liked About Green Screen Academy

Useful Product

There are a lot of scam products that promise to deliver riches overnight but in reality, they do not offer any value. They are simply re-hashed scams selling you the same idea all over again. Green Screen Academy is different. Even though it does not offer you Internet-marketing skills that you must have to succeed online. Instead, it offers you what you need to make videos.

The videos are not as perfect as real ones but they are good enough for simple marketing and entertaining purposes. I therefore liked this product for that reason. Scams usually offer rhetoric about solving a problem without revealing how they are going to do it.

In contrast, Green Screen Academy does explain fully that it helps you to create videos by adding a virtual background and using a green screen. It also promises to help you know the kind of lighting that you need to come up with decent videos. Other than that, it does not offer any other information on what else it will train you to do as an affiliate marketer.

Green Screen Academy Review

That is why I consider it to be a little better than a scam product. At best it’s just a video production software and will obviously not offer magical marketing results. You need to learn to create captivating scripts for the video. Videos are just like content; you need to send out a clear and precise message. Content that your viewers will find useful and use it to make money or better their lives.

If they find that the video is entertaining while at the same time being informative, then you will make more sales. Otherwise, there are just so many videos that YouTube users uploaded on a daily basis. Some are coming from big companies with million set aside for video products and others from armature video makers. Naturally, people will only respond to the best videos that are of good quality and helpful.

Great Presentation

Sometimes scam products put together video presentation that are not at all convincing when critically analyzed. That is not what happens in the Green Screen Academy sales pitch video. The video is informative and very clear on what you should expect to get from this his product.

I therefore liked it that he was honest enough not to misrepresent his products. However, he left something out; he did not mention that creating a video is just one part of the process needed to create highly converting videos.

The other part includes creating useful content that match the products you’re selling. For example, if you are selling a new brand of car, you need a video that has been shot professionally. That applies to other products as well. You need a quality video to sell a quality product. You therefore urge you to keep that in mind if you want to create an all round quality brand.

What I Didn’t Like About Green Screen Academy

No Product Community

The Green Screen Academy has no product community and I consider that to be a red flag. One of the first steps of marketing a product is creating a product community to encourage users to share it. Unfortunately, I could not find such a community and I believe that was deliberate. When a product is not as good as the owner says, people tend to leave negative reviews. The only way that scam products survive that for a while is for the owners to not setup the product forum.

That way, by the time word gets out that they are not as legit as they claim to be, they will have scammed quite a number of people. Sometimes a product may not be a scam but simply a simple one whose functionalities are similar to other cheaper products. In that case, it still works against the product when the owner creates a product forum page for its users.

That’s why in general, it’s a great idea to stay away from such scam products that do not have any independent user reviews. I would therefore encourage you to always share your experience of product reviews such as this one. It may help others who are yet to use such products and do not know what to expect.

Simple Video Tutorial

When I first learned about Green Screen Academy, I thought that apart from creation of videos, it was going to help me understand more about creating awesome videos. I was therefore disappointed to learn that they only show you how to use this product. With so many products out there offering the same features, I believe that this is not the best way to spend my time and money.

I would rather spend the time it takes to create such mediocre videos doing something that is easy to learn yet very beneficial, such as affiliate marketing. I will then outsource such tasks as video editing to experts who can do a better job than I can but at a budget fee. That way, I will not only save time, but I will also be able to learn more about new marketing trends and taking advantage of them.

One of the best sites that can be used to learn more about Internet and affiliate marketing is Wealthy Affiliate. They offer us a better way to learn because of their huge community of affiliate marketers. Unlike product such as Green Screen Academy that once you buy them you’re on your own. When you belong to a huge community, there are times you will learn about a problem and its solution even before it occurs to you. That means you will always be ahead of your competitors who have no access to such communities.

Green Screen Academy Review


In this Green Screen Academy Review, I looked at what to from it as an Internet or affiliate marketer. I looked at what it does and its shortcomings. From its features and shortcomings, it’s clear that you cannot place too much hope in it. It’s not that special tool that will bring in hordes of traffic. Therefore, it will not make your profits to shoot through the roof.

That is why I urge you to join an affiliate-training program such as Wealthy Affiliate.

They offer you the following features and benefits:

• You get a Live Chat support 24/7.
• They offer you a site builder, hosting, and technical support for your site.
• You join a huge community of fellow affiliate that freely shares their Internet marketing ideas of success.
• You get a huge discounted if you choose an annual membership plan.

I hope that this article has been informative. And you will spend your time with building your brand using tools available at WA. Take this moment and join Wealthy Affiliate now, the early you start, the greater the head start you will have over your competitors.

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