Leader Boot Review: The Truth About this Scam Software

Leader Boot

Have you received a bad verbal thrashing from all around you because you have been spending your money on scam software? Do you feel you need to a wakeup so that you do not keep on throwing your money down the drain? Interestingly, most online software show you a paradise and a dream life ahead. No wonder you are so eager to be the first to buy them. Affiliate marketing and CPA software are quite in trend so most of you want to get the software right away. Everyone loves to follow the trend right. We suggest that you should be different and should know the truth about a software before you go for it. If you are an internet geek this means you probably know about Leader Boot as well.

This software places all your sales information including your demo, reviews and bonuses on a sales page. Ray Lane the owner of Leader Boot says that this system can save your time and money. We will just evaluate his statement and see if it holds true or not through our review.

What I liked about Leader Boot

Leader Boot helps to avoid traffic leakage because you are sending traffic to a sales page that has got the bonuses overlaid on the same page. It is necessary to accept the hard fact that sending sales emails can be more time consuming and may not bring the results you need. You can also add your Facebook retargeting pixel in Leader Boot for building a massive re-targeting audience.

Using this platform is simple. You will get the login information once you have registered with the platform. After logging in add your URL, custom scripts and finally you can customize the page frame colour and size as well. Click the update button and Leader Boot starts working.

We appreciate that Leader Boot is giving a fair chance to the users to evaluate its competence. This is perhaps the main reason why they are offering a 30 day trial to the users. You can get a refund after 30 days if you are not happy with the results of this platform.

What I did not like about Leader Boot

Watching the video on Leader Boot websites sets your expectation level quite high.  Lane says that he and his partner generated $32, 481.51 in the first 26 days of August using affiliate marketing. It is not viable to give any specific earning figures because the results may vary. A system that is probably working well for one person may not turn out to be as effective for another user. There are can be a billion reasons behind this outcome. A fool-proof reliable software is result oriented and lets the user evaluate the results.

Leader Boot

Testimonials only matter if they are evident backed. Well, the truth is that we did not get carried away by the testimonials that are present on the Leader Boot website. For example, the website has a testimonial by a person named Venkata Ramana. Naturally, if a person is giving a testimonial you will be eager to get hold of more insight about the person. The testimonial has no social media link or website link to figure out if Ramana is a genuine user of this software. Customer details build credibility and Leader Boot misses out the element of credibility.

Leader Boot Review

One thing that you need to understand here is that there is no perfect software. This is why you may need to deal with some technical issues when you are using this software as well. We feel that the frequently asked question section has not addressed any technical issues that you may encounter as a user. The questions seem too generalized.

We will also like to point out here that marketing is a massive domain and there is no one fit solution for all businesses. This platform seems to be restricting the user here by being adamant that the customer will get inclined to buy a product after looking at the sales information. This may hold true for some customers but this may not work for all the customers. As a novice marketer Leader Boot may not be a bad start for you but it is not a solution that will work for you on a long-term as well.

Long-term marketing success requires you come up with creative and out of the box ideas to grasp the attention of the customers.

Support Team

We are not satisfied with their current customer support as well. The only support feature offered to the user is email. This means that if you have an urgent question related to Leader Boot, there are chances you might not get the reply the moment you need it. Leader Boot team misses out on live chat support also. The live support is a life line for the customers and they trust such systems more where the support team is available at all times.

 Online Assets

We do not think that Leader Boot will be able to help you in building any online assets. Their marketing approach may not work at all times. This platform is not promising you that they will help you build your brand. They are just promising assumed conversions.

 Community Forum

We were unable to find any community forum that specifically caters to the concerns of Leader Boot users. This element also disappointed us.

 Value Addition

We feel that this platform fails to add any value. The presentation present on the site is also sales oriented and is not offering any value added services.


We feel that shortcuts should never be an option for you if you want to become a successful affiliate marketer or an entrepreneur. You have to dig down and explore marketing strategies to get the success and client portfolio you need. This is why we will not recommend Leader Boot. We suggest that you should explore Wealthy Affiliates if you are on a mission to become a successful affiliate marketer or just starting your business. They have the right set of tools that can help you establish your online presence and you can get access to a supportive community also.

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