Popchain Review. Is This Another Scam or Legit?

The truth about Popchain.

is this legit or scam?
popchain review

POPCHAIN claims it  is a bottom-driven open, public block chain that is committed to building a block chain 3.0 with supporting services and rapid solutions in creative field. popchain focuses on block chains and key AI technology such as main node, POP domain name, side chain, consensus mechanism and smart contract.

Read this article Before doing anything with this people.

Popchain boasts solid business logic and eco-industrial carrying capacity. It helps enterprises for digital assets and fan economic operation. Consumption scenarios such as content distribution and scene services form an industrial digital asset operating cycle, providing copyright protection, content distribution, IP rights, big data, AI cloud brokerage and other supporting services.

It provides a friendly API that allows third-party developers to build their own applications (DAPP) on the basis of their open source protocols. Popchain can be widely used in live broadcast, advertising delivery, code sharing, games and other fields. It revolutionizes and reshapes these areas, So that the center between entertainment developers and consumers no longer dominate resource and value transfer.

Is This information Enough to Trust Popchain ?

Before storing up your cryptos with any block chain wallet, there are basic things that must be in place for it to be trusted. In the case of Popchain, here are the things it has:

They claim to be building a block chain 3.0

They they have a team which goes by the name Popchain.org/#team

The website is wwwdotpopchaindotorg

It has a white paper

It has a 24hrs volume of 2,094,590.00USD

This is why Popchain is suspicious

is popchain real?
Is popchain a scam?

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The link to the coin/token repository has not been submitted

BitcoinTalk announcement thread has not been submitted

Details about the available exchanges have not be made available.

The white paper is technically not feasible

The 24hrs sales volume it claims it has is just questionable.

The coin was created only a couple of weeks ago. There was no ICO and it has not been listed anywhere so far.

Before the listing announcement, all the coins were held by a total of 18 wallets and the top 2 wallets held over 90%.

When the concentration of coin holding became issue, those wallets suddenly started sending smaller amounts to new wallets in order to spread the holding.

Its source code in Github was no more than simple copy/paste of code from Bitcoin, Monero and Dash.

In order to make its Github commits more active, it repeatedly deleted all source code only to paste the same code again.

When people reported the very first line showing that the code was copied from Monero, the line was quickly removed.

In order to increase the number of people in its Telegram channel, it invited a huge number of fake accounts and also hijacked accounts from other Telegram channels.

The company behind the coin, The E&M has been in the red for the past 4 consecutive years and is on the brink of bankruptcy.

The company’s total market cap is reportedly less than $100M but the total coin market cap is $600M based on its pre-sale price.

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popchain is another scam

Our general Assessment 

With all the deficit that Popchain has, I can say that it is just another scam, a time bomb waiting to explode. The fact that it has not been listed yet by major companies is a pointer that you should stay clear this scheme.

There are better areas where you can invest your money here.

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