ProfitiX Review: a Messy Scam Beware!

ProfitiX platform is another scam in the market that claim they are involved in Commodities, stocks, indices, precious metals, and digital currencies. The company has numerous red flags that should be enough for any investors to keep off.

Despite this company being in the market for over ten years, they do not have any financial reports. Investment is all about the numbers, and without having any statistics to prove their performance, all their allegations are false.

ProfitiX claims they are leading in the industry, and they deal with multiple brokers in the industry. The platform offers educational opportunities to its clients. They also inform investors of the new trends in the market.

The information is basic, and may not be very useful to expert traders. The Best platforms in the market offers financial calendars that have detailed data.

About claims their website is easy to navigate, and they have competitive prices in the market. Investors are welcome to utilize their trading features regardless of their experience.

The company proclaims they are a transparent entity with various asset class trading. Additionally, they assure investors their funds are in safe hands. Sadly, this is not the case, as the platform is not legit. Scam Review, ProfitiX Platform

They offer investors leverage ranging from 1:1 up to 400:1. The company additionally state that it has a MetaTrader 5 platform on any device of their client. The pyramid scheme is pretty enticing, and you might fall victim to their fraudulent activities.

Furthermore, ProfitiX does not have the MT5 trading platform, as they do not have demo accounts that you can use to familiarize yourself. The company brags they are a highly reputable broker in the industry, yet there is no evidence of them assisting investors in attaining their financial goals.

Trading Services that ProfitiX offers

ProfitiX claims that traders can navigate across 10,000 financial markets. The company offers over 100 exotics and minor Forex currency pairs. Investors can trade stock of UK and US company shares.

The digital currency that clients can trade with is Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum. Additionally, there are over 30 world equity indices. The shady platform also claims they deal with commodities like oil, energies, precious metals, among others.

Contact Information and Support

The company location is at Carenage Bay Canouan Island, Kingstown, Saint Vincent & Grenadines, VC0450. ProfitiX is an offshore platform that you should not trust.

ProfitiX Platform claims they have exceptional customer support services. You can contact the company via email; [email protected] or via their telephone number; +18007997635.

They operate from Monday to Friday at office hours only. ProfitiX does not offer 24/7 customer support services like other investment platforms.

If you deposit a huge amount of money with this company, you will not hear from them again. The salesperson will only contact you to convince you to deposit more money.

Registration and Regulation

The pyramid scheme claims they are operating according to the law, and they are a legit platform. ProfitiX states they are under St. Vincent and the Grenadines jurisdictions.

In their website, they indicate they are a registered entity under company number 25308 BC. The company does not accept residents of the USA.

Despite the platform bold allegation that they are a legal entity, there are not in the SVG cluster. The government of Saint Vincent Grenadines does not regulate Forex trading. The company needs to have a license from FCA, CySec, and other reputable agencies that regulate investment companies.

Sadly, this is not the case with the ProfitiX company. They have only availed their registration certificate, which does not mean much. The documents are cheap and easily accessible. Before you invest in any company, ensure they have a license.

Investment Plan

ProfitiX has five investment plans that allegedly caters for the needs of all their clients. They have Mini, Advanced, executive, prime, and VIP accounts.

The capital that they collect from their clients is too high. The least amount of money that you can deposit in their system is $250 and offers a leverage of 1:400. The least trade size you can order is 0.01.

ProfitiX Review, Plan

The platforms’ VIP account comes along with multiple advantages. The company offers negative balance protection. You can trade assets that have a low price in the market to experience hedging.

Unfortunately, what this company offers is unattainable. The spread of 3 pips is very high, and it raises questions.

Withdrawal and Deposit

The ProfitiX company accepts deposits via Wire transfer and credit cards. They do not accept payment via e-wallets. Moreover, the platform does not disclose if there are any additional fees.

The company is not availing information like the minimum amount that you can withdraw. The fee they charge may exploit their clients. It is easy for ProfitiX to have hidden charges.

Avoid investing in a company without performing thorough research. Also, you should not deposit a huge amount of money without a guarantee.

The company does not as well disclose the time it takes for them to process the withdrawal requests. There is a lot of information missing from this platform, and proceeding with them would be unwise.

Safety of Funds

ProfitiX investment company claims that investors’ funds are secure in their system. They state that they retain investors’ money in segregated bank accounts with trusted global financial institutions.

Unfortunately, this is mere PR, as they do not disclose these institutions. Critical information is missing from this company. They do not reveal who their founders are, or the team behind their alleged success.

It is dangerous to invest money with unknown personnel as they may exit the market with your money. You have the right to know who is dealing with your money and the qualification that they possess.

The Domain Insight

According to, the registration of took place in August 2005 and will expire in August 2020. The company has been in the market for years now, yet there is no visible success stories or testimonials that can prove they are faring well in the market. It has a global Alexa ranking of 1,658,747.

Is ProfitiX Company Legit or a Scam

ProfitiX is a scam platform that will not yield any investor profit. The company does not perform any digital currency or Forex trading services. We hate to break it down to you that you will only lose your money if you trust them.

The company has been in the market for over a decade, and the traffic they are getting is not good enough. You cannot help but wonder who would trust an unregulated company like ProfitiX blindly.

The market has many scammers who are becoming smarter each passing day. If you see a deal that is too good to be true, please walk away while you still can.

They do not feature any banking information, and as if that is not enough, the company does not have feature data regarding who is its founder. Investment is not a light task that you can perform hastily. It would be best if you took your time and research thoroughly to avoid being scammed.

ProfitiX Final Verdict

ProfitiX is not a reliable broker, and they will leave you high and dry if you choose to invest in their platform. You will only lose money instead of maximizing your profit.

There are better Forex trading companies in the market that you can earn a considerable amount of returns. Perform thorough research before trusting any company.

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