The Calloway Crypto System Review: Ordinary Scam

The Calloway Crypto System is an alleged investment for investment firm with limitless profit possibilities for investors. The company claims the Investment is available for everyone to venture in and provides solutions to all clients.

The platform promise investors user-friendly applications and that no experience is required for you to start investing in cryptocurrency. The firm boasts having a system that analyses the market for you and providing multiple choices generating profits to you.

The company assures you daily hundreds and thousands of profits. The platform provides investors with tools help them in their trading activities. They also brags, having a top-notch team of who generate profitable, positive results to you.

Platform claims their system is easy to use even for beginner investors who do not know how the trading world operates. All the investors are promised access to valuable resources they can use to boost their skills and that the system does all the work for the investor.

The Investment firm have automated signals; hence no effort is required from you to invest in the platform. The company additionally provide high winning results accuracy is guaranteed whenever you indulge in their trade dealings.

The Investment firm also claims to have an educational section that investors can use to learn more about trading under the system. It is also backtested to provide pleasing returns. The company claims to provide you with financial freedom, yet no evidence has been shown to support these allegations.

You are entitled to intuitive technology intelligent programming and free access to two future software upgrades. How the software works to generate the promised profits numbers is not known to the investor.

About The Calloway Cypto System

The Calloway Crypto System is allegedly accessible on all platforms anytime and any place for you. Investors are promised up to 96% winning profitability with the alleged easy to use and friendly platform. The company claims no web-based download is required and that the system functions on all mobile OS.

The video tries to make you believe that they are connected to professional traders and investors, but once you fall for the catch, they will rob all your money. The platform also partners with fake brokers who claim the trading can be profitable and fun.

The Calloway Crypto System Scam Review, The Calloway Crypto System Platform

For you to achieve profitable results, you only need to operate with legit companies. The platform to trade similar characteristics with the Ponzi scheme, the use of get-rich-quick trade, is every day and is always used to rob your money.

The company is a major Ponzi scheme that has numerous red flags under the software. The company claims traditional trading markets, yet so many people complain of having been conned by this platform.

The Calloway Crypto System lures you and tempt you into believing that their trade is real. The platform claims the ability to generate results in 1-second trades despite the lack of enough liquidity in this market.

The demo shows the prices of Bitcoin the prices and never sells within the same dollar margin. You can easily prove by checking the exchange. The company benefits from various brokers who pay the company for referring to new depositors. For you to participate with trading in the platform you have to deposit.

Once you fall for that trick and you get tempted into depositing money into your account will be deleted, and you risk getting blocked and losing your money.

Founder and Team

The founders are unknown and also the information of members of the team, who generate the returns. The robot execute all the trade in the cryptocurrencies and generate the profits to your account with 96% accuracy. The number alone proves that this company is not to be trusted as no Investment company can generate such figures.

The information regarding the team of Calloway Crypto System is also missing. Investors need to know the qualification that the team possesses and that their money is in safe hands. When it comes to investment, anonymity is a dangerous disease, as many pyramid schemes are using the tactic to fraud as many innocent people as they can.

The company has no transparency and is set to benefit only the company owners. Once this is achieved, you will lose all your funds and  your details will be blocked by the platform. The Calloway Crypto System features a video with actors sound who tried to convince you of the genuineness of the company.

Customer Support

customer support is very crucial in any investment platform that aims to operate and generate profits for investors. The company promises to give investors full support. The support is offered 24/7 if the team that is always available for you.

Despite claiming full support to the investor, no telephone contact or email support is being provided. Legit companies always provide at least one contact or a form you can fill in case you require assistance or query you can easily reach the company.

The address of the platform also is not known to the investor, and once you lose money. Getting a refund, or reaching the company is a tough task. Failure to provide contact support only proves that the company is hiding some information to the investor. Moreover, the company founders are unknown.

The Calloway Crypto System Regulation

The Calloway Crypto System is not regulated, and the problem with unregulated platforms once they reach their target, they smoothly go out of existence. The company may smoothly go against the law whenever they feel like as they are not limited by any law.

Legit companies always showcase legal, regulatory certificates to investors to prove their reliability and assert their legitimacy. The platform owners, once they caught the reversing huge criminal charges for illegally generating funds from the public without regulatory documents.

This is a Ponzi scheme with the set target to swindle your phones and prevent contact between the organization and the investor. Once your money is lost, you cannot track the company, and that is the main reason they do not have regulatory details.

The business model that the company incorporates is unknown to investors. The win rates and the draw downs are not discussed. The cryptocurrency venture is plagued with many scammers due to a lack of knowledge and misconception that it is a get quick scheme. However, make sure you educate yourself before you become the next victim of these fraudsters.

Domain Insights

According to, the platform was registered in June 2019, and the registration expires in 2021 the same month. According to Alexa global ranking, the company ranks at 4,775, 245, and the target audience, however, is not known.

The Calloway Crypto System Final Verdict

The Calloway crypto System is not regulated, and the company founders are not known; hence you risk losing your funds to anonymous people. The company features numerous scam characteristics, and we can only categories it as a definite scam with the main focus is the money that you deposit. method of operation is a marquee, and no telephone contact or the location of the company is known for investors. The winning rate the company claims to offer is not achievable by any trading company and is just set to lure and tempt you into falling for the catch. You should only trade in platforms that have evidence and proof of paying investors the profits.


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