The Crypto Revolt Review: Scam

The Crypto Revolt claims to be an innovative trading software that you can use to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies automatically. The company claims trade cryptocurrency,  Ethereum Bitcoin, and lite coin.

Investors are promised huge financial profits while trading in the financial market. The company drugs being the latest and revolutionary automatic trading technology that enables you to customize your trading tactics.

Crypto Revolt assured investors the use of automatic trading software entirely operates by using algorithms. The platform ensures that no effort is required from them as they can have accurate hands-free trading.

The company claims you can enjoy safety while trading; however, the method used to protect your information or your money is not mentioned known. How the software operates also is not known, and this proves a lack of transparency.

In the past, it was easy to acquire his numbers before the competition in the crypto world, and achieving huge figures was comfortable in the past. For you to attend massive profit in cryptocurrency, you need to apply patience and general knowledge of the trade.

Crypto Revolt Scam Review, Platform

Trading with legit companies will generate lucrative returns, whereas Crypto Revolt is only will swindle your money. The company promised investors could earn a minimum of up to $1000 in profit daily.

About Crypto Revolt 

The company claims that with the use of the software, you can execute your trading strategies and achieve profit. The Investment firm claims to empower traders all over the world with autonomy over their finances by applying unique ability to negotiate freely and easily.

The Investment firm claims using AI and lowers the risk to a negligible percentage. This percentage, however, is not reasonable and should not trust this company. The company claims its trusted trading up with double triple or quadruple the initial investment.

You do not have to download the app or install it in any device and that the software can be used through the website only. The company brags having continuous customer support.

Once you deposit money in your account, the legend cryptocurrency software will start working for you, and immediately you start earning money in your account. There are better crypto trading bot in the market that you can trust.

The software boasts the capability to accurately predict threads via the pioneering algorithm that enables it to achieve positive results. The platform founders are anonymous, and this is a definite scam warning alert.

Crypto Revolt Testimonials

Crypto Revolt has similar characteristics to scam companies the use of fake testimonies of happy investors. They claim to have been investing for a long time and have received massive returns from the platform.

If you are a keen investor, you will notice a red flag when you read the reviews on the platform’s website. They all seem bogus, and made up, no matter how good a service is, there will always be that one unsatisfied client.

Miraculously every investor of Crypto Revolt is happily earning from the firm. There is no social media profile linked to the testimonials or proof of payment. Hence, this is just another marketing tactic.

These testimonies of members’ allegations are not valid and the company uses them simply to earn your trust in investing money. The members are entirely fake and do not even know about the company.

Funds Safety

The platform does not guarantee funds safety and no investor is seen to withdraw funds from this platform successfully. You risk losing your hard-earned income has no banking information is available.

It is the requirement of the regulatory bodies for any investment company t segregate the funds of their clients to protect them from losses that may arise. Crypto Revolt does not even have SSL and DDoS certificate. It means investors money may be lost to hackers, or the firm may lie they have been attacked, and exit the industry.

Additionally, by sharing your information with this platform, they may use it against you. It would help if you were careful as not every investment means you will make an earning.

The co-founders are also not mentioned, and who is handling your money is not known. Once you lose your money, the company is hard to be traced.

Customer support

Telephone contact or even email address our essential information that you require to prove a company is genuine when it comes to contact support. In case you have a query, you have to fill out a section with your name email and the message you require assistance off on the website.

Crypto revolt has not provided at least telephone contact or email address to assert the allegation of the claim to offer customer support 24/7 the clock. This is a major red flag you need to observe, and once you lose your money, contacting the company is impossible without any contact information.

The location of the company whereabouts is unknown, and this is a red flag that one’s you from trusting the company. No transparency is showcased in the platform by not providing you with telephone contact.

There is no legit investment company that would operate in this manner. Excellent customer support is the strive of every business. It should tell you more of the kind of company Crypto revolt is when they do not have a support team.

Crypto Revolt Regulation

This company is not regulated, and the owners risk facing criminal prosecution once the authority catches them. Once this wind, all your fans reaching the platform is a hard task as the company founders are not known and also the team of employees.

Legit trading companies provide required information regarding the regulatory details, and this and the investors trust with their money. Unregulated companies, once they meet their target, they smoothly go out of existence.

Unregulated companies generate money from the public without following the set guidelines, and this is illegal. Due to the enormous growth of the cryptocurrency world, different countries have set up different guidelines to protect citizens from scam companies.

Companies that follow the set guidelines showcased the regulatory certificates on the websites, and in turn, they earn your trust. Clients should only trust such companies that offer legitimacy documents to investors or risk losing not only your money but also personal information to criminals.

Domain Insights

According to who, the platform was registered on 2018 December, and the registration expires on 2020 December. The domain name for the platform is According to Alexa Global Ranking, the platform ranks at 8,666,662; the target audience is unknown.

Crypto Revolt Final Verdict

This platform is not regulated, and you risk losing personal data to criminals. The method of operation is murky, and how the system operator it is not known who is operating your funds in the company also is not known.

The figures estimated as profits are highly overestimated and cannot be achieved in the short time determined by this company. The Investment firm has no contact information or address regarding the whereabouts.

Numerous red flags have been exposed by this company undue risk falling for the catch. Scam companies always hide their details to prevent getting caught by the law. You should only trust legit companies that provide accurate information to investors.

No evidence is available to support any of the claims this company claims to offer you. Trust only legit trading apps and keep off from Scam companies.


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