The Traffic Ads Review: Real Facts About Scam

the traffic ads scam

The era of email scams are gone, and now we are into a brand new era where a new wave of web fraud is sweeping the internet.

You can call them HYIP scams, ad-credit MLMs etc. These are a little bit harder to spot especially if you’re new to the idea of traffic exchange programs.

Apparently, this is the case with the Traffic Ads program which is another generic form of the Traffic Income scam. Notice the similarities that exist between the two in the screenshots below. This makes us conclude that they are probably owned by the same person.

the traffic income

the traffic ads scam
notice the similarities between the two websites

The rate at which these ad-credit MLM scams are growing is alarming. Thieves are literally having a field day with this kind of operation on the internet.

Thankfully, we are also catching up so fast, and negative reviews on fraudulent platforms like the Traffic Income are always a godsend to people who want to conduct due diligence before parting with their hard-earned dollar.

This review issues a warning to all those who might have been fooled to think that the Traffic Ad website is a legitimate traffic exchange program.

It’s just a case of a scammer setting up a website that looks legitimate with some ad slots therein. Then people are supposed to purchase ad-packs or ad slots while exchanging traffic among themselves.

If they surf other members’ site, they earn some ad-credit. This process has to be repeated again and again to earn any significant amount of credit.

What the Traffic Ads platform really is


It’s an MLM platform which disguises itself as a traffic exchange and revenue sharing platform where entrepreneurs can find leads. However, according to the Traffic Ads website, new members must purchase an ad pack and also participate in their referral program. Moreover, they must surf other members websites on a daily basis in order for their earnings to improve.

In the real sense, this business model does not provide any sustainable way of amassing residual income in the long run. It is simply not sustainable, which is why 99% of those who join systems like the Traffic ads end up failing.

In fact, when you join the Traffic ads platform, you are donating funds to the top members because that’s how they pay themselves. What about you? Well, probably you will end up losing money because there is no clarity as to how you will make money in this arrangement.

Is it a registered company?

The Traffic ads website claims that the company behind it is a registered trademark. But there is zero information pertaining to this claim. And in that situation, we can’t say where exactly the company is based and whether or not it exists in the first place.

Details of this ”company” are scanty though. We suspect that they are somehow affiliated to another HYIP program by the name Traffic income.

And if there is some truth in what we’ve been suspecting all along, then it could mean that the traffic ads program is a sub-branch of the original ponzi scheme, and it’s meant to provide additional stream of income to the founder. If one of his scam projects happens to get basted, he can always rely on plan B — which is the traffic ads website. These are merely speculations, although you still need to take serious precautions.

The traffic ads review: things that happen behind the curtains

There’s an ad exchange system involved, where the scammers at Traffic ads will connect their ad slots to in order to serve what they call Geo-targeted ads. This system is designed to offer ad slots to ”advertisers” on the platform. However, for this system to work well and generate profits for the top-tier members (who are probably the owners of Traffic ads website), they must find a way of attracting many users.

Chances are that the ad exchange system will study your browsing habits on the internet before giving your information to the ”advertisers” on the platform. This process takes place in an auction setup which means that a winning ad must be found at the end of the day.

But in as much as these fundamentals sound very complex to the layman (who is mostly the victim), the process is very simple that any thief on the internet can get started in within a matter of days. This also explains why scams like the Traffic Ads rarely last a year.

They surface today and go under in a matter of 6 months because, first of all, their business model is not sustainable. What they are referring to as 120% return on investment is a formula that can only work when gullible members are involved and are funding the top-tier members. If their grass-root is not expanding, they can’t make money, and so the entire ponzi scheme collapses.

Also, if you visit the website of the Traffic Ads platform, you will see that they are heavily dependent on the earning pool of their members. If the pool shrinks as a result of people opting out after suspecting foul play, the top dogs can’t make any money. It’s actually a manipulative approach used by scams of this nature.

What are their products and services?

The only thing which Traffic ads sells is banners and text ads. They also claim to offer PPC ads, PTC ads, traffic exchange and business directory services. We could actually summarize their offering as ”advertising services”.

the traffic ads
alleged services offered by the traffic ads website

The starter kit costs $5, although individuals can always opt for Gold membership which will cost them $50. Apart from this, they’ll be required to surf other members’ sites because it’s also a traffic exchange platform, and for things to work as planned, they must make you a buyer and seller at the same time.

However, you have to be extremely careful with this arrangement because fraudsters always have a way of creating complex scenarios which may also involve stealing your banking information. The reputation of the traffic ads website is extremely poor, and this means that they are capable of doing the unthinkable if you make a move on them.

On the same note, if you wish to invest in a sustainable online business that will give you decent returns, you should check out Wealthy Affiliate. This platform targets affiliates with a passion to create or promote something. It’s a platform that nurtures its users up to a certain level where they can make residual income on a consistent basis. It’s much better than signing up to a scam like the traffic ads.


We’ve already seen that a company in the name of the traffic ads doesn’t exist. This is just a website as opposed to a ltd company.

Secondly, claims that a 24/7 customer service is available on the traffic ads platform could be a white lie. You see, they have a chatting feature on their site. However, at no point will you get the opportunity to live-chat with them.

Thirdly, the only way to contact them is by sending a message via the website — of which they can choose to ignore your questions. We do not have any Facebook or Twitter page where we can interact with real users and learn about their experience with this website. That’s a risky venture anyway, and if you are a serious entrepreneur with a desire to earn online, just sign up with Wealthy Affiliate instead.

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