The Traffic Income Review: Is a Scam?

the traffic income

This is the age of Revshare boom where sites of this nature come and go. Some of them look genuine while most of them are generic in design since they are outright scams.

However, with all that is happening on the Revshare industry, people stand a chance to benefit and also lose their cold cash if they invest in the wrong places.

Our focus is on the Traffic Income site which has received very negative publicity since the day it was launched. The reputation of the site owner, Sundaram Kumar, is definitely questionable.

The only person that benefits from the entire scheme is the founder himself since he understands rev-share dynamics, and would be more than willing to take your money before ultimately going under.

Sundaram Kumar has a strategy which most people whom he targets don’t know. Not only is he intending to recover his small investment on the site, but he is also working round the clock to make a killing in the name of selling adpacks.

The site targets newbies and those who are still trying to earn an income online. It is not targeting those who are experienced and are aware of what they could potentially be getting themselves into.

The point here is that most rev share sites are not reliable. Their business model is not sustainable because the only person who stands to make money in the entire scheme is the owner, and not the typical investor. However, this is not to say that you can’t find genuine ones. They do exist and a good example is Wealthy affiliate.

But majority of what exists out there (including the Traffic Income) are just scams. At the same time, it’s the responsibility of those who want to invest in this industry to know what to join and what to avoid.

Thankfully, we’ve undergone the hefty process of identifying the scamming nature of The Traffic Income, and now you don’t have to scratch your head hard while you wonder whether it’s genuine or not. The answer is clear. But we still need to reinforce certain things to make it clear that no one should think, even for a second, that the Traffic Income will make them any money in the long run.

What is the Income Traffic?

It claims to be a viral advertising platform where users can purchase ad-packs for purposes of promoting their products and services.

As a subscriber to this scam network, you’ll be required to surf other members’ sites only to earn pennies for your activities. And why are you surfing these sites if you are not interested in them anyway? To earn pennies? It’s not worth it.

They also claim that members will receive 2 fold benefits when they purchase ad-pack plans since there is a revenue sharing plan for every member.

We can also see that the site has up to 6 plans with various purported features and benefits. Finally, they claim that they have the most affordable advertising plans, starting at $1. Are these ads of quality, and how do members stand to ultimately gain in the end? These plus many more questions will be tackled in the next section of this review.

The Traffic Income: do they have a Facebook group?

What’s their mode of communication or interaction with their members? It is very strange for someone to claim that they offer 24/7 customer service yet the simplest things like a chat functionality is missing on their site.

As it is right now, we do not know the primary method through which this site communicates to its members. It is not true that members have the benefit of a 24/7 customer service. And if they claim that the main form of communication with their members is through email, then we have to suspect foul play.

Scammers keep to email because it’s a safe way to communicate with their victims. They never like to chat with them on their sites as they generally try to avoid the hard questions. And most of the time you will be ignored when you ask these questions anyway.

Besides this, we also noticed that The Traffic Income scam didn’t have a Facebook group where members can interact with the owner.

Notice his promise that the Traffic Income rev-sharing platform is the first of its kind to implement, direct access and one-on-one communication with the founder/CEO. However, we’ve seen that communication is restricted to email. The phone number which they’ve given doesn’t work either.

Most revenue sharing sites will have their own Facebook pages where the admin will post news and updates. This one doesn’t have one.

Obviously this makes it hard for newcomers to investigate and find out whether or not the Traffic Income is reliable. This is also where we try to scan any alarming information concerning the owner of this rev-sharing site. But since it’s missing, we cannot learn what other members are saying about it. This is a serious red flag.

Google has very negative reviews about the Traffic Income scam

The first thing we did after landing on the Traffic Income site was to check it out on Google. Guess what? We encountered negative reviews and testimonials from people who were probably frustrated by this scam.

the traffic income
The traffic income scam and reviews on Google

As a wise investor, Google is your friend. You should always be searching for that rev-share site to learn of any complaints or issues that people might have had against this company.

It is not a surprise that Google returned dozens of negative reviews against the Traffic Income scam. The screenshot given above represents the actual thing that we found out.

Site owner claims that the Traffic income is very safe and secure

Not only are these claims a big lie, but they also show the dishonest nature of the face behind it.

The first claim with regards to the safety of the site is that it is SSL protected and the script is licensed. Any SSL-protected site will have a green padlock sign on the address bar.This one does not have one, plus if you hover your mouse around that area, you will see a warning telling you that the site is not secure.

It’s very frightening to think that this platform will be receiving your banking information when it’s not protected. Secondly, the fact that the owner has lied about this critical issue means that he cannot be trusted in any shape or form.

Payout and member statistics

The Traffic Income site is nearly one year old now which is according to records. But you see, people are beginning to distance themselves from rev-sharing sites since scams have given the industry a bad name.

They are opting to join the popular ones which have been in business for a couple of years. These are the most reliable ones with member statistics that can be counted on.

the traffic income scam
These numbers are misleading

Also, most of these sites fail within the first year of their launch. The Traffic Income is just hanging on a string. The numbers which they post there cannot be real.


It’s always a good thing to investigate the platform you want to subscribe to before joining. The Income Traffic is just a big No for us because all evidence suggest it’s a fraudulent platform. On the same note, we have a genuine platform where our readers can subscribe to. Wealthy affiliate is the best and most reliable program to join and also the best alternative for these rev-share scams that will ultimately vanish one day especially if you’re looking to start a good business online and make some money for yourself.  Don’t waste your time on scams!

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