Ultimate Trade Review: Ultimatetrade.io Messy Scam

Ultimate Trade is another pyramid scheme that you should be cautious about. They boldly claim that investors will have unlimited access to ultimate trade pools in the industry.

However, the data on their platform is insufficient to prove they undertake any mining activities. Despite these facts, Ultimate Trades state that liquidity permits them to enter and exit the trading pools at favorable times hence yielding vast returns.

The company claims they have a professional team that is committed to supporting the crypto trade niche. However, they do not showcase their team to the public neither do they have managerial reports to prove their team is indeed credible to handle investors’ funds.

Ultimate Trade promise users 200% ROI, which is ridiculous, and only meant to lure you into their fraudulent company. Additionally, they have a welcome package offer for investors that buy the wholesale package.

The clients will have access to profitable trading pools. The yellow package of Ultimate Trade offers access to the yellow and green pool. The package is favorable to investors who trade a small amount of assets. It guarantees a 5% discount on buying access.

Ultimatetrade.io Review

The company allegedly only cares about empowering traders to make a profit. They have a UT web app that is always online and can assist investors in having the best trading experience.

The information they have is bogus, and cannot ascertain they undertake crypto trading services. Nonetheless, they also state that they have the best security, and investors need not worry about the safety of their funds.

The only people you should be worried about is the professional scammers of this fraudulent company. To make matters even worst, they do not disclose the bank the safeguard investors’ funds in.

Ultimate Trade Scam Review, Ultimatetrade.io Platform

Ultimate Trade is trying so hard to appear as a transparent entity to the public. They go a mile further by displaying false information on their website that they have been featured on the various press as the best trading company.

The information is incorrect as the platform is not anywhere close to the best cryptocurrency entities in the market. If you choose to invest with Ultimatetrade.io, you will be risking the safety of your money, your data. Ponzi scheme can use the data that you share with them against you.

Regulation and Contact Details

The information regarding the legality of this company is missing from their website. Ultimate Trade is a company that is operating illegally without having licensing documents.

For a company to operate in the UK and collect money from the public, they need to have FCA regulation forms. Ultimate Trade is not in the cluster of this financial watchdog.

They risk facing criminal charges, furthermore unregulated platforms can change their term of service as they please. They additionally have hidden fees that you might never realize.

Despite there being advantage of trading in unregulated companies, in the long run, it is never worth the hustle. The risks are numerous than the benefits.

Ultimatetrade.io allegedly is located at 7 Donegall Square, W Belfast, BTI 6JH, UK. We couldn’t verify this is their actual location. However, given the nature of pyramid schemes of generating random areas as their office address, you should not believe anything Ultimate Trades claims.

In case you encounter any challenges during your investment, you can contact the customer support via email; [email protected] The platform also has a telegram and a Facebook account. You can as well fill up their contact form.

You will realize that this company is determined to staying anonymous. They do not disclose who their founder is; neither do they offer telephone number support.

The legit platform will offer 24-hour support to its clients. Additionally, they will ensure the users can reach them instantly using phone numbers. The only reason the pyramid scheme observes this kind of anonymity is to avoid being traced by the authority.

If you deposit a considerable amount of money in this fraudulent company, you will lose it all in a blink of an eye. The safety of your money should be your most significant concern.

Ultimate Trade Withdrawal and Deposit

Ultimatetrade.io does not disclose the minimum amount that you can deposit into their system. They only state that there is a certain amount of fee that comes along with the type of currency that you wish to trade. However, most of the digital currency that they offer are free to deposit.

To know the minimum fee associated with various currencies, you will have to contact their customer support. They assure investors that they can request for withdrawing at any time; however, Ultimate Trade can only cash out on the initial currency that they deposited funds with.

The company is discreet with critical information, which they should avail clearly on their website for everyone to see. Unfortunately, they offer bogus, and a lot of technical info that is unsupportive.

Affiliate program

Ultimate Trade has a five-level affiliate program that they offer to their clients. All of them grants a commission of 10% to investors. Every member who invites their referral to the UT platform is promised a specific bonus from the amount that clients deposit.

The company has a referral card that you need to purchase. It can allegedly open an equal affiliate access trading. For every prime card that your referral buys, you will gain a particular bonus of the progress on your referral card.

Ultimate Trade requires investors to activate their points for it to generate the bonus. Forever acquisition of the UT points, the initial investor will obtain 50% of the UT points.

The company encourages investors to spread their links as much as they can to earn more money. However, you should keep in mind that the affiliate program only benefits the fraudulent platform itself and its cruel marketers.

Without the referral system, the company will only fail and exit the market with investors’ money. Hence you should be very careful with companies that offer unrealistic returns.

The Domain Insight

Using Whois.com, you can identify when the started its operations. Ultimatetrade.io was registered in January 2020 and will expire in the same month the year 2021. From this data, you will realize the company is meant to operate for just one year. There is a high possibility of them exiting the market.

The company has an Alexa global rank of 236,534, and the target their victims from Russia. They have a lot of traffic coming to their website, which translates to more revenue. Once they are no more profits, they will cease to be, and their system will collapse.

Ultimate Trade Final Verdict

With the amount of earning the platform is projecting and the shadiness in the dealing, you should not trust them without your money.  The company does not even disclose the business model that they incorporate.

The location of their mining firms and servers is not disclosed, which raises even more doubts if there are any mining services taking place in their platform. We do not recommend any investor to use this firm as nothing good can come out of it. They are unregulated, and the red flags do not end here.

Invest with reliable cryptocurrency trading companies that will not compromise your earnings. Furthermore, they are an unregulated entity, and their founder is running it behind the shadows.


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