Wealth Ascension Scam Review: Is it Real?

Wealth Ascension product review

Wealth Ascension

The Wealth Ascension is an affiliate program created by Mathew Neer. According to a presentation by the Mathew, he promises to teach us how to make money by selling eBooks that teach people how to make money online. Therefore, you buy their product for 24.59, and then you join the Wealth Ascension affiliate program where you get to sell similar products to other users. You get commissions that are as high as 100% of the selling price. That is what it is all about briefly. It sounded to me like a scam so I decided to find out the facts about it and that is why I wrote this Wealth Ascension review. Could I really be able to make commissions ranging between 50% to 100% doing genuine business for someone else? Could it be that Wealth Ascension is another online scam?

What I liked About Wealth Ascension

Wealth Ascension


I am always on the lookout for affiliate programs that promise reasonable profits as long as I work hard, smart, and not scam other internet users. That is because I believe that one should always strive to build an honest income stream.

Throughout the Wealth Ascension system the first few minutes of Wealth Ascension presentation, I did not see any red flags. In fact, the whole rhetoric was that I was going to learn about this unique system once I bought it and then start earning a comfortable living from online trading. Mathew gives a touching story of what happened in his life that changed his life forever and that I should do what he did. All that was great to hear, I mean we all love to know that we can change for better any day. Unfortunately, that was all I could get from the presentation, he does not share any technique, just a promise that everything will be done for us. Which feels like a deal breaker after the anticipation he evokes in us as we watch the video?

What I Didn’t Like About Wealth Ascension

Wealth Ascension review

Pyramid Scheme

After going through the presentation and reading the sales page, I realized that I was just dealing with some form of a pyramid scheme. The Wealth Ascension does not teach you to sell any product that offers any economical value to end-users outside of the Wealth Ascension system. In fact, if you buy it and do not join their affiliate program, you will not be able to benefit. It earns you money by paying you what those you recruit pay the Mathew. What is more is that they discourage you from trying to sell tangible products that need you to do any form of manual input, whether outsourced or not. I would therefore say that Wealth Ascension is a scam; in that, it is not adding any economical value to the end-users.

Wealth Ascension scam

Internet Marketing Skills

Wealth Ascension review

Whenever I want to join any affiliate-marketing program, I expect to see some guidelines that encourage the use of internet marketing skills. I also expect that such a program will be teaching some internet marketing skills or at least discourages its community members from practicing unethical techniques.

Wealth Ascension does not do any of that, what it does say is that we will not be doing anything once we pay for it. We will practically be signing up to get free checks. It promises instant crediting of sales commissions once we sign up for it. That is not surprising because Wealth Ascension is scam. I say that because in the regular internet marketing, people buy products and may later return them, when there are returns, it is just natural you will not be paid a commission for that sale.

However, if you are scamming people, then there is no need to worry about returns, because you won’t honor them anyway. I wouldn’t therefore encourage anyone to be part of a scam program such as Wealth Ascension.


Wealth Ascension funnel system

Their product is full of upsells and Mathews clearly states that they are there to make sure that sellers keep earning after the first cheap sale. What that means is the first product is just a bait to get you into the system. You will also be required to buy and sell other products as a way to keep making more money.

I liked the principle that you need to avoid cheap products that take much of your time but offer low returns. However, I dint like it when he said that you have to create upsells just for the sake of it. I believe that any product that is not a scam should clearly state what to expect from it and have a premium version that gives out everything that it promises. I believe since Wealth Ascension is scam, we can’t really expect Mathew to live up to that standard.

Support and Community Forum

Wealth Ascension review
Wealth Ascension price

They have no live chat or community forum where one can witness its benefits as shared by its members. Lack of an active community is the surest indicator that you are dealing with a scam product. With Wealth Ascension, the only way to get help is via email. I have never been a fun of emails when dealing with urgent matters because you can never tell when the response is going to come. It can be the next minute or never. Phones and live chats are different, if the call isn’t picked or the chat is not being answered, you will know for sure that moment that you have hit a dead end. No help will be forthcoming, and you can move on to other things.


Overall Rating: 1/10

In this Wealth Ascension review, I have discussed several factors that proof Wealth Ascension is a scam. It does not give you any real world products to promote. You only sell the idea that people can make money online using a mythical system described in the Wealth Ascension system. I therefore urge you to consider other worthy affiliate systems. An example of a legit affiliate system that gives you an opportunity to establish a real affiliate business is called Wealthy Affiliate. Some of the benefits you will get as a member are as follows:

  • There is free hosting and site builder for its members.
  • Join a vibrant Wealth Affiliate Community forum where members answer each other’s question instantly.
  • Affiliate marketing course for members.
  • There is a 24/7 Live Chat support.

I hope this Wealth Ascension review has been helpful and i encourage you not to waste your time with them. If you have any questions, please ask them in the comment section below.

2 Replies to “Wealth Ascension Scam Review: Is it Real?”


    i agree 100%. Wealth Ascencion is is crock of sh.t. I joined and have never been able to get any help despite of numerous emails. I even messaged Mathew on his facebook Page & still no answer. Worse, they”ve locked my account 2 weeks after purchase, due to unsafe or unsure IP address so they say.

    To this day it”s still locked. I’ve emailed them to get a refund but no one has ever ever responded especially about the refund part. They are crooks and a major scam.

    Please to anyone reading this, do not put your money on that crap. If you do find some comments on you tube, it’s very rare and when you do they’re discouraging. I should have listened to my instinct. It’s All lies & false promises.

    Scam scam scam and BULLSHIT!

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