WP Suite Review – Bliss or Curse?

WP Suite Review

Read the review to come across some eye-opening facts about WP Suite.


Having a hard time managing your WordPress websites?

This is probably the reason you ended up reading my WP Suite Review.

WP Suite gives the impression that it can manage all your WordPress sites from a single and consolidated dashboard. This application is a WordPress Plugin and a web app.

I know you are anxious to click the “get instant access” but I suggest you wait and read the complete review.

Nothing is perfect, and this app has drawbacks too.

Let us find the facts that will prove it good or bad.

What I liked about WP Suite

I did my bit of investigation about WP Suite. I will first like to jot down the aspects worth appreciating about this app.

Activating the WP Suite helps you get access to all the pages.

It becomes easy for you to perform all the key actions.

WP Suite makes it easy for you to add unlimited accounts and acquire complete control of the main tasks.

Modifying the appearance of the website can be quite a challenge for the novice users. With WP Suite you can manage this job with a few clicks. It is quite understandable that updating every single page of a site or multiple sites is surely difficult.

This software allows you to manage the update of multiple pages with just a single click.

Managing comments on multiple sites is quite agonizing. With WP Suite, you can easily filter out the spam comments and approve the genuine ones for multiple sites.

I also appreciate that WP Suite is opting for transparency by offering a demo to the users. This gives you a fair chance to explore this software and see if it works for you.

What I did not like about WP Suite

Having said that I feel it is also important to give you an honest opinion about the negatives of the WP Suite.

This app allows content upload by logging into a single WP Suite account.

I am quite unhappy with this feature, and I have my reasons as well. It is important to realize that no software is perfect.

Well, you probably know well that the formatting and the general layout of a post do make a difference.

My mind does not agree that posting all the content from a single dashboard will help you get a perfect presentation for all the posts. There are times when you need to spend some quality time improving the layout of your post.

A plugin like WP Suite can never match this perfection.

Every time you install a plugin or web app, you are taking a big risk.  Same stands true for WP Suite. The bugs can affect your site, and it can become quite difficult to contain the damage. This means that you will have to install some anti-virus site protection plugin along with WP Suite and this is a lot of work.

The more plugins you have, the more difficult will be the management.

When I was surfing the website, I decided to have a look at the demo as well to confirm my doubt. While watching the demo, I came across the below-mentioned image, and it does ring a bell.

WP Suite Review

When I looked at this image, it assured me that I would not be focusing on virus protection when I use WP Suite.

When you add your site to the WP Suite dashboard, it can eventually affect the performance of your site as well. You need to understand that every active plugin requires additional resources when your site page uploads.

WP Suite proudly mentions that you can create unlimited users for your website using this plugin. For me, this feature is more of a nightmare.

Managing access control is more tedious in this situation, and there are chances that the security of your site may get compromised. In short, I feel that WP Suite compromises on the individual attention a site needs.

Support Team

You will not find live chat support when you visit WP Suite website.

This is a critical issue.

In the absence of live chat support, it is not possible for you to get the answers to your concerns right away.

The website does not have a phone number listed on the website.

All you can do is submit a ticket on the site, and for me, this is a pretty discomforting process. To make things worse, I was unable to find an authentic email address on the website of WP Suite.

WP Suite Review

Online Assets

Whatever work you do on your website on a daily basis can be counted as your asset.

An exceptional website with updated content helps to gain more engagement. This eventually helps you bring in multiple conversions. Managing your site from a single dashboard means that you will compromise on the minute details of your site.

This is why there is a probability that your site will lose its X-factor.

Community Forums

I was unable to find any reliable community forum that particularly provides insight on all aspects of WP Suite.

The absence of a community forum gave this feeling of insecurity that WP Suite might not be the best fit for my business needs.

Same may be the case for other users as well.

Value Addition

I reviewed the demo presentation, but there is no live community to endorse the thoughts and promises put up in the video. This is quite disappointing for me.


Overall rating of WP Suite: 6/10

If you ask me for an honest opinion, then I will not recommend WP Suite keeping into view the glaring drawbacks I highlighted.

I strongly believe that by using this plugin you will compromise on the quality of your sites and you will not be able to offer value-added services to your visitors. Instead you can go with our collection of Wealthy Affiliates.

Plus, security is a serious issue, and bulk site actions mean a big compromise.

I suggest that you should evaluate your requirements and go with a plugin that secures your site as well. At least you will not have any regrets this way.

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